Take it Out

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This morning, I had about an hour to myself to work on my crafty projects. I didn't really make any forward progress. I ended up spending the majority of my time correcting mistakes I made.
I am learning that life takes work. I am grateful that I am able to take my mistakes out and redo. Reknit. Restitch. I am grateful that God does that with me too.

I feel like I was on a blog roll, and then on my birthday, insanity ensued before 7:30 AM, and my husband texted me, "I don't want this in your blog." It got me thinking about things.
I ran 8 1/2 miles this week, without stopping to walk. That is a first for me, until then I had only gone 5 miles. The last three miles, it was raining. It actually helped distract me and made me feel superhuman, and helped me draw on the times when I have done awesome wilderness trips. In particular, I remember canoeing and portaging a whole day in pouring rain. It made running seem like cake.
Then, I watched 'The Business of Being Born' and remembered that I gave birth twice, naturally, once at home. And I remembered that running 8 1/2 miles is pretty much laughable compared to that. So I am considering doing a half marathon. Takers?


  1. are you saying by this map that you are so super human that you are going to run the halfie on the water? i'll take you up on that, but i will probably fall in because i can't push out babies, especially at home!