What a wonderful Christmas! We spent time with family and friends, ate lots of food, cried and missed my mom, and drove a lot!

Here are a few fuzzy cell phone shots:
Mama and Fern
Keenan Duffy girls
(this one is from a couple of days before Christmas)

I posted a couple of new items to my Etsy site, namely a super cute plaid baby cycling cap. I am almost to my 30 sale mark through my Rebourne Etsy Site!!


These Girls

I am enjoying these days with the girls. I feel my mom's spirit in me now more than ever, helping me be here, now.
Lots of tears still. She is not coming back.


Hat in Shop

The last of the recent batch of wool hats is up in the shop. Get it while you can!! Order today and I will get it in the mail tomorrow in time for Christmas!


at school

I am at school today, trying to finish up some last minute stuff. Here is a picture of me sitting at the computer in the computer lab, with a funny magnet message up on the white board behind me.

I have been cutting a LOT lately at Fabric Horse. Carrie is going to the Renegade Craft Fair in San Fran this weekend, so hopefully if you're out there you can check out the awesome gear the girls have been stitching up!

Tray has been at home with the girls all day, everyday. He is a trooper! He's also been working his butt off on the house, getting the girls moved into the little room, and moving my stuff into the new studio. Pictures to come soon I hope.



Laura Margaret Doyle-Brewster, 56, of Glenside, PA, died suddenly from H1N1 complications Wednesday shortly  after returning from her dream adventure in China.

Born in Auburn, NY to the musical Doyle family, she was an adventurous woman with many interests and talents.  During her college years in Auburn, NY, and Fairbanks, AK,  she found time to hitchhike through Europe, do factory work for Columbian Rope, drive a biffy truck for Alaska Airlines, and work in remote sites on the Alaska Pipeline on drilling and pipe-bending crews.  She loved to cross-country ski under the Northern Lights and became involved in gymnastics and dogsledding. 

Laura returned to upstate New York to marry and start a family, but soon she was off to  Athens, GA, working in a marine biology lab while nurturing her growing brood.  Upon her husband's graduation, the family moved to Midland, MI, and added another son.  Laura loved her years in MI, becoming an avid biker, cross-country skier, swimmer, runner and swim instructor.

In 1992, the family moved to Glenside, PA and she became more immersed in the aquatic world as pool manager, swim instructor, stroke and turn judge, scuba diver, and proud parent of four competitive swimmers. She was convinced that she could do anything she set her mind to, and became a self-taught plumber, painter, electrician, carpenter, barber, gardener, amateur private investigator (of her children’s illicit activities), teller of inappropriate jokes, and undertaker for exotic pets.  Laura's family was always her first priority, and she loved to return to her hometown every year for the Doyle Family reunion on Lake Owasco.

Like the grandchildren she loved so much, she was spunky and a little naughty and never thought twice about being herself. She loved music and having fun and prided herself on being hip to the latest music and fashion. She insisted that her children have integrity, generosity, good manners, a strong sense of independence, and the opportunity to express their creativity and always follow their dreams. Perhaps the most admirable achievement in Laura’s life was overcoming her personal struggles and fears. Despite her small stature, she was never afraid to take on anyone or anything, A humble teacher, she led many support groups and was always willing to share her stories and experiences or just listen in hopes of helping others.

Laura is survived by her husband Jeffrey; her children Damien, Patrick, Marni Duffy, and Kevin; her grandchildren Ilana, Sage, Yeshia, Fern, and Jaden; her mother Jean Doyle, and siblings  Mark (Liz) Doyle, Brendan (Mitsuko) Doyle, Michael (Heather) Doyle; and seven sisters: Lisa Doyle, Beth (Jack) Curran, Gretchen (John) Doyle, Susi (Bruce) Doyle Larson, Jeanne (Gary) Buckels, Tara (Bill) Simmonds, Amy (Bibi) Doyle; and several nieces and nephews.  She was predeceased by her father, Robert Doyle, and brothers Robert Jr. and William. In lieu of flowers, donations may be made to The Welcome Center, 2111 Samson St., Philadelphia, PA 19103 in care of Pastor Violet Little.

A memorial service will be held at Holy Family Church in Auburn, NY at 4:00 on Wednesday, Dec. 9, 2009.  Visitation will be held at William R. May Funeral Home, 354 Easton Rd., Glenside, PA on Friday, Dec. 11, 2009 from 7 to 9 PM.  A funeral mass will be held at St. Vincent de Paul Church, 109 Price St., Philadelphia, PA, on Saturday Dec. 12, 2009 at 1 PM.  Reception to follow at a location to be announced.


she's in the world!

Goodbye, Mama.
You were such an immense person. You have taught us so much, loved us beyond belief, given so much of yourself to everyone you knew.
Heaven is lucky to have you. We know you've started a rumpus like they've never seen.
We miss you so incredibly much.


Hat Postings and Etsy Free Shipping

Check out my Shop at Etsy. I am listing more hats as time permits! And a couple of items are listed with either free shipping or discounts!


Sick Baby

I am savoring this time with Fern while she's not feeling good. Cuddling, vegging, staying in PJs til we have to pick sissy up from school...she is so sweet.
sweet sick bug



I have 3 brothers. They are all really cool in their own ways. This morning I thought about how cool it is that we all have our own little business ventures.
Damien is a public defender, but he also does criminal defense on the side. Patrick works in a metal shop full time, but also has two side companies. Trinity Tumblers is his tumbler company, and Flying Steel is his handmade throwing "instrument" company (throwing knives and stars, etc.).
Kevin is a web designer, who works for a laundry company in Boston full time. He also does IT consulting through his website, Zebulun Systems. How cool are they!?!


Lois is doing a giveaway for some boo boo buddies that she stitched! Go check out her blog, post a comment, and enter to win! Lois is the coolest. If I were to try to explain why, this blog post would crash the internets.

I finished my first backpack at work last night. I feel like I am starting to get the hang of sewing cordura. The industrial machine is amazing, I am working on a project at home today and keep wishing I had one here. Well, I do, but it doesn't have a motor or table yet, so it is useless.
Here are some fun photos of me modeling the fanny pack I made the other day at work. These are called 59rs, ("five niners"), and you can find them online or in the actual live store in the Piazza at Schmidts. Support local small business!!
modeling my 59rmodeling my 59r


Multimedia message

views of fall, leaves falling, hair chopping, and vines changing color


New Postings

I have 4 new listings on my Etsy page:
Check out hubby modeling a new wool hat
And check out this awesome wet bag.

I will continue to try to post new things as frequently as time allows. I have started sewing little things here and there at work. Yay!


My new baby

I got this beauty off of craigslist, for 1/3 of what I was about to buy one for!!
It'll need some work, a table, a motor, a thread stand, a bobbin winder, etc., and a physical space to live (~!), but, I am excited nonetheless...


Sunday Night

Just changing out those pedals for a friend.


Proof of the ONE domestic deed I've done in a LONG time: bread, which I actually cheated on because I made the dough in the bread machine. Hah!


Multimedia message



Multimedia message

this is how the duffys roll: living room studio/bike wrenching area


Multimedia message

Today I have been home with the girls all day. They used to go to my mom's house on Friday's from 9-8, and it was a long day away from them. Leann came over to watch them while I went to class, thank you Leann!!
ok, poopy diaper to change...


Afternoon at the Farm

With Pop-Pop, Uncle Dame, and cousins, Lana and Shaya.


Multimedia message

I am draping for the first time...a shell coat for biking. Lots of applicable extras like zipper pockets, lower back, lock holster, and zippers in the pits. If I don't totally ruin it, I'll post a finished pic.



wall of fabric @ work,
the sewing machine that i have yet to touch, but CAN'T WAIT TO LEARN ON
my cutting area--woooh!!
i love my job.


New Chapter

This cute cell phone/wallet pouch will be for sale tomorrow.
Today, I start my internship at Fabric Horse. I am beyond ecstatic and fully honored to be starting there. I consider it a dream job, and I hope to learn tons about all things fabric. I really really want to sew on an industrial machine. Maybe in a couple months when I've learned the cutting techniques!!! Yay!!!
I have had quite a few sales on Etsy lately, which is a lot for me! Thank you to those who purchased, and I hope the items are awesome for you. I hope to continue, but who knows what working and full-time student on top of wife and mom will bring!!


Multimedia message

I am working on a new pair of jeans. I altered the SewU pattern and added pockets and changed the waistband and legs. We will see how they turn out, but already it's easier and more enjoyable than the first pair.
Check out the new stuff at my Etsy page. Soon to be posted is a super cool wallet/cell phone pouch that I designed and made.


Yay, I finally figured it out

Well, it only took me a year to figure out how to send a stinkin' photo to my blog. That makes me feel old. Now, to read some chemistry.
Mobile blogging??


Family Camp 2009

Every year, for the past 27 years, I have gone to Family Camp. I have missed maybe 1 or 2. Now, Tray and I bring our girls and we enjoy a week on Torch Lake. What a beautiful, magical week it was. Finally, for the first time since having kids, it actually felt like a vacation, for both of us.
This is what the 16 hour drive was like: Shower cap fun
This is what we did:
My girls and I...
This is where we slept:
Our cabin
It was great. Our car got broken into on the way out, they stole our DVD player and our GPS that we strategically left RIGHT ON THE DASH. Duh.
It's back to school for me next week, and the girls will be starting day care. New adjustments all around.


Completed Project, and Braiding

As a girl, my mom spent hours every day torturing my scalp with brushes and ripping my hair back into french braids. In my teen years, I spent hours every day working on dreadlocks and using purple and pink dye to make my statement.
Yesterday, I gave my toddler her first french braids. I found it so satisfying! And she didn't even whine!
Fancy hair, fancy necklace, fancy dress
The wool soaker I started months ago is finally done. I left it in a complete but not finished state for about a month: done knitting and crocheting, but yarn ends hanging loosely at every seam. I knotted them off and put a tag on the soaker yesterday. Wool Soaker complete!
Tomorrow I am doing the SheRox Sprint Triathlon. I am nervous and excited. Tray leaves for Washington State today, for a 5 day trip. No comment on that. Ha!


Man Purse and Sleeping Bag Slides

I made Tray a new bag. His old Puma purse had been his standby for the last 5 years, and it was time to say goodbye. But, he took the strap off for me so I could use it on his new bag! I used a pair of his old blue khaki pants as the outer, and some of my diaper material that's waterproof for the liner (the man likes to put half-full coffee mugs and soggy bananas in his bag on a regular basis). It turned out well. I just googled "make your own messenger bag" and compiled my pattern from there. I haven't really ever made a bag before, so this was interesting. It turned out WAY smaller than I realized. Oh well.
The Man Purse, Part VI
Click to see the other shots from the photo shoot. He took his modeling job very seriously.
We've had a fun couple of days with Tray off. Of important note is the girls' new skill of riding down the stairs in a sleeping bag. Finally, our camping equipment gets put to use. Sliding down the stairs
There's more, but I'ma let that be enough for now. I have an episode of The Wire to watch.


first mobile post!

As a very tech savvy girl who grew up with apple computers, I think it's kind of a shame that it's taken me so long to be typing away on a touch screen qwerty keypad! But I got a samsung eternity phone and now have the internet. Yay! Tray and I celebrate 4 years of marriage today! I love you buddy.
I got my first two tattoos on Wednesday. Pictures coming soon, I'm a little distracted with my new technology.


Stitching, dyeing

This is what I've been sewing the last 2 days:
Laptop sleeve. The padding is plastic grocery bags!
Laptop Sleeve
And this is the FOE (fold-over-elastic) I dyed with kool aid last week:
KoolAid dyeing of FOE

I'm considering organizing some sewing nights. I think it could be really cool.


Making Stuff

We have been busy here at home. Tray took the kids out on Wednesday to his Mom's house. I got a ton of cleaning and organizing done. On Thursday, he took them to Chik-Fil-A and then the zoo, and I got to sew. Thank you GOD for him.
I made some Mama Pads with velcro, a new throw pillow cover, I dyed some elastic with KoolAid, Tray made another planter for our front "yard", and Sage and I decorated some cookies. Mama Pads lineupPlanter out of an old tireNew throw pillow

Now to playgroup!