Hat Postings and Etsy Free Shipping

Check out my Shop at Etsy. I am listing more hats as time permits! And a couple of items are listed with either free shipping or discounts!


Sick Baby

I am savoring this time with Fern while she's not feeling good. Cuddling, vegging, staying in PJs til we have to pick sissy up from school...she is so sweet.
sweet sick bug



I have 3 brothers. They are all really cool in their own ways. This morning I thought about how cool it is that we all have our own little business ventures.
Damien is a public defender, but he also does criminal defense on the side. Patrick works in a metal shop full time, but also has two side companies. Trinity Tumblers is his tumbler company, and Flying Steel is his handmade throwing "instrument" company (throwing knives and stars, etc.).
Kevin is a web designer, who works for a laundry company in Boston full time. He also does IT consulting through his website, Zebulun Systems. How cool are they!?!


Lois is doing a giveaway for some boo boo buddies that she stitched! Go check out her blog, post a comment, and enter to win! Lois is the coolest. If I were to try to explain why, this blog post would crash the internets.

I finished my first backpack at work last night. I feel like I am starting to get the hang of sewing cordura. The industrial machine is amazing, I am working on a project at home today and keep wishing I had one here. Well, I do, but it doesn't have a motor or table yet, so it is useless.
Here are some fun photos of me modeling the fanny pack I made the other day at work. These are called 59rs, ("five niners"), and you can find them online or in the actual live store in the Piazza at Schmidts. Support local small business!!
modeling my 59rmodeling my 59r


Multimedia message

views of fall, leaves falling, hair chopping, and vines changing color


New Postings

I have 4 new listings on my Etsy page:
Check out hubby modeling a new wool hat
And check out this awesome wet bag.

I will continue to try to post new things as frequently as time allows. I have started sewing little things here and there at work. Yay!


My new baby

I got this beauty off of craigslist, for 1/3 of what I was about to buy one for!!
It'll need some work, a table, a motor, a thread stand, a bobbin winder, etc., and a physical space to live (~!), but, I am excited nonetheless...