So, my website is getting better. Much thanks (okay, all thanks), to my little (but much larger than me) brother, Kevin. He is a master of all things web design. Hopefully I will learn some html and css to help make my site a little less pathetic as time goes on. I have two books on reserve from the library to help me out.
I finished another recycled wool cycling cap for a friend an old friend of mine. I did some embroidery on it, and I am pleased to hear that he likes it, doesn't hate it. I can't believe how my new sewing machine performed, wow.
Side View of Hat
I used a new technique for the inside part, using this super soft elastic. The fit was so nice, Tray was immediately asking for more for the bike shop.
Wool is one of those materials I am getting more and more into lately.
So the Phillies won! I felt myself almost getting sucked into the group mentality as I was driving to Ikea this morning with tons of other people (thankfully, they were headed to the stadiums, not Ikea). But I resisted. People are quickly drawn to flip cars over and loot when the group mentality takes over. RESIST!

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