Works in Progress

I am working with a bit of yarn. I started this wool soaker a while ago, and it's still a work in progress. It is this pattern.
Work in Progress

I tried dyeing yarn for the first time in my life! This yarn is from my mom's stash, Icelandic wool yarn from God knows when. I used these directions for dyeing, which were great. I plan on using more kool aid to dye some fold-over-elastic that I have. It was easy to do and easy to clean up.
Ground beef anyone?
hanging to dry

I will probably knit another soaker with this wool, as I want to get a bit better at them! It's a nice, easy, portable project.


Skirt Completed

The skirt is completed.
I am happy with how it turned out, and I am more in love with my sewing machine with each project we complete together!
Things I would change if I could do it over: I would make it longer. The material was from the thrift store so it allowed little room for lengthening!
I would have used lighter material. This material is kind of thick!
Skirt Detail 4
I really enjoyed making my first "free-hand" project with the aid of my dress form!! It was so nice to be able to pin it on, check out the pocket placement, check out the amount of gathers, etc. before committing to anything.

Now, onto laundry and knitting maybe!



Today, we spent some time in Doylestown, PA, with Tray's family. His sister, Karla, and her two boys are up from Brazil for a month. What a treat it is to spend time with them, and with Tray's mom!!
Tray got to fulfill a dream today: he went up in a glider!! His friend Tom, who works/plays part-time at the bike shop, has his own glider and belongs to a club in Doylestown. He took Tray up and let Tray sit in the front seat and control the glider! It was so cool to see him get to do something that he has wanted to do for so long. Sage got to sit in the glider when it was on the ground, and she was really upset when it was time for Daddy to leave because she wanted to go up!!

The crew! part 2


povertyjane is holding a giveaway! check it out at her blog. she is a super cool mama of tons of kiddos, and they all live in the woods and live off the land (mostly). a hero of mine.

Today is Sage's birthday. Happy birthday girl, I love you so. You've been a sage since your birthday, when you came out at home despite complications and insanity. You sure weren't an 'Annabelle' then (our intended name for a girl), and you continue today with your bold, strong-willed personality. I love your spirit, you love to run around naked, screaming, and you love to dance. Here's to another great year!!
holding sage



I finished this shirt yesterday while the girls napped. I actually got a good nights rest on Monday night. I don't know why Fern slept so well, but she slept well again last night. So I know in mentioning it that I'm due for a week of sleep-less nights! The shirt was made from one of the patterns I got at Circle Thrift last week, and the material is from an old duvet. Cheap project! I think this shirt would make a good postpartum shirt, as it's easy to nurse with it on, and it's pretty modest. It was an easy stitch-up overall.

McCall's 4574 fierce!



I am trying to post today. Amid piles of laundry and girls covered in sugar from tea parties and now I've got them playing in the bathroom sink so I can write. Is it worth it?
cuddling kittens
These cuties have certainly made their place in our home. I am really loving having them around, and so are the girls and Tray.

I am working on a shirt from a vintage McCall's pattern, pictures soon I hope.

We went to The Piazza at Schmidt's at least twice this weekend. It is certainly the destination for longer walks. There was music time for kids on Saturday, and then fun music and hanging out on Sunday.
We also walked a block to the Crane Arts Building for 'Art for the Cash Poor' on Saturday afternoon. It was so cool! Plus, there was music! It was so cool to be so close to home and be able to check out these events. It made me love our neighborhood!

Welcome to the world, Penelope! And congratulations Keenan family! She is beautiful and certainly a little blessing!


Snags, yoga, books, skirt, etc.

Ok, so I tried spacing out blog entries, but I haven't mastered the art of it yet.
Thus, I have a bunch of things to report today:
1) I finished the BurdaStyle Kasia skirt yesterday. I'm very pleased with how it turned out, and I'm still wearing it.
BurdaStyle Kasia skirt
2) Sage, Tray and I did some yoga today. So cute of her:
3) I scored some great stuff on Frankford Ave today: Amish produce from a farm stand, sewing patterns and hand-embroidered cloths from Circle Thrift, and thread from a guy selling stuff on the street:
snags of the day
4) The book that Fern and Sage were in finally made its way to us!!
Fern in her book!


Well-Tailored Suit

I've been tagged for the first time! By Leann. The name of the game is always/never. Rules of the game : list five always-and-forever and five not-so-favorite fashion-related items, add any image(s) you’d like, then tag three other people to do the same.

1) well-tailored suit
2) hoodies
3) anything bedazzled
4) black or brown cowgirl boots
5) gold

Leslie Hall

1) wedge sneakers
2) tassles
3) anything with a sports team logo
4) capris
5) striped knee-socks

Now, I choose to tag: Melissa, Rose, and Tray. Ok, that was really hard to come up with 3 people. Sad!



It is Friday, and I am feeling tired, lazy, and lacking any creative ideas for how to fill the rest of the afternoon with the girls.
On a more positive note, they've been sleeping for three hours, and I am also excited about these things:
I finished the paintings for my brother. Only 9 months later.

I scored some awesome material at the thrift store yesterday, including some wool sweaters that I plan on making into soakers/longies/etc. Stay tuned! I had no motivation to get moving on them today.
wool sweaters


Shop Update

I just added a 'wet bag' to my Etsy shop.
Check it out!

Also, I submitted a piece to Sedge, an online project of two friends of mine. It's really inspiring and I'm excited to work on this month's theme. Check it out: Sedge Project