Brown Vest, Recycled materials

My first vest, completed, except one thing. I learned a lot, mostly about shoulder seams! And how amazing my new machine is! I have also decided that if I think I am not going to like the fit of a garment beforehand, I should probably alter it before I make it! If I were to remake this vest, I would make it longer, and make the shoulder seams more narrow.
This pattern was pretty easy to follow, especially for a BurdaStyle pattern. The only super tricky part was the shoulder seams. I didn't quite get it for a while, and thankfully didn't destroy the vest in the process.
Like the last dress I made, I am not sure if or when I will wear this vest. But, I am proud and glad to be done!
Now, moving on to the 4 commissioned projects I have on my plate. Fun!!front view 2


  1. it looks awesome. i like the shortness, too.

  2. It's so cute. You should definitely wear it all the time.