Heels and Vacuums

heels and vacuum
No, I never wear heels. The last time I did was at my friend Lindsay's wedding, and some wouldn't even consider those heels. That was 3 1/2 years ago. And it was only because I was IN the wedding party. But, I have a wedding to go to this weekend, and my sister-in-law sent up these cool pants from Brazil, and my friend Danielle worked as my stylist the other day and told me what to wear. Kind of fun. Kind of hideous. Really ridiculous. But fun.
This vacuum is so amazing. I know for some people, it costs more than they make in a year. But it is so incredible. I finally vacuumed our bedroom this morning, and it was so gratifying to see all of the dust in the chamber. Plus, it doesn't take bags, you just press a button and the bottom drops out, leaving all the nasty in your trashcan. No cleaning, one handed.
Here's another funny photo of Sage in a sleep sack. Reminds me of Maggie from the Simpsons.sleep sack
And here's a fun photo of stuff I've finished recently:gifts and sales
Now, to go sew on my new machine!! Woo I am scared!

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  1. i am left imagining you wearing those heels and sewing, whilst vacuuming with your offhand!

    i thought that vacuum was good because it's pink. you say it works good, too?