circle thrift

So, I have really enjoyed circle thrift lately. My friend Lois goes all the time with her little ones. I was always intimidated by the prospect of being half-way done and having two screaming kids, but a little candy helps everything. Plus, there is a toy aisle, so if Sage starts to whine, I bribe her with a trip down the toy aisle. I have decided that I am going to try to donate a bag of stuff we aren't using RIGHT NOW to circle every week. Sage asked if we could get some new toys yesterday, and I said, "If we donate a whole box of your toys, we can bring home one new toy from here." So that's what we'll do next time. I am hoping it will help us keep our tiny house a little less cluttered, plus it will be a good exercise for the pack-rat in me.
I got new shoes yesterday! I am really excited about them! My other sneakers have been hurting my feet. Plus, we didn't have a salt shaker, so I am excited to not accidentally dump a huge pile of salt on my eggs!!
I like the whole process of the thrift store-that it employs people, that it gives people somewhere to shop, and that it's so green. Also, my friend Carina has been taking beautiful photos of her finds at her new blog. Cool. Here are the things I got yesterday, for a total of $13.
thrift store snags


Birthday Girl

Fern had a pretty awesome birthday. It started with Mommy getting to sleep in til 9 (what!?!?! thanks, hub), then our neighbors came over with a cake for a morning party!!, then we headed to grandma's house where all the aunts and uncles congregated with both grandmas and pop-pop in attendance. There was an entire cake destroyed by the baby hands, delicious chili and my mom's fudgie budgie pie (tray's favorite), lots of jumping on beds and carrying on by the older cousins, and general merry making. I didn't bring my camera to the grandparents party (awesome mom moment, and to think I was at one time a potential photography major), but here are some from the AM party. Thank you to Lois, Jesse, Madeline and Jane for being awesome!!!
Morning Birthday PartyBlurry Birthday candle
She finished off her day by starting a new cold, and keeping mama up nursing all night (maybe her idea of a party? she WAS singing and carrying on a bit)!?!


Nice Saturday

Today was a nice day. I have no photos as proof, but it included great fun: hanging with daddy before he left for work, a little Madagascar (which Tray and I are also kind of obsessed with, and are constantly quoting, "Kitty likes the fishy"), a trip to the Y for a workout and kids to babysitting with Garlene, lunch and a nice fat nap (while I cooked, showered, and worked in my studio on some more cloth pads), some thrift shopping where we scored some nice merino wool (for my new cycling cap style) and fun necklaces, and yummy dinner when daddy got home. Of course, some biting and naughtiness in there, but we're working on it!!
Tonight's schedule: The Office.
Tomorrow our baby turns 1. Wow. I have not had time to reflect on that. Phew! As I wrote in her baby sketch book today, what a sweet, easy-going soul she is. Happy Birthday, Fern Francis!!


First Day of School

Today was my first day of classes. I am pretty excited. I didn't have a lab today, so I'm home early. I rode my bike and it went great. I am a little worried with how much Fern is nursing right now and her lack of desire to take anything out of a cup or bottle...but that's a whole 'nother story. They did great with my mom, and I was able to fly home between classes and nurse Fern and get a snack. The bike ride is so fast! It is so nice to be outside on my bike!!
leaving for first day of school!
I already have homework. Phew. The math is not looking as foreign as I had expected it to, thank God.

Today, Obama is being sworn in. This is an amazing day, and I am so excited for the world. However, I am not getting swept off my feet with an emotion of hope or peace. I am glad that our country elected him, and I am anxious to see how he does in office, but I don't have huge expectations of ridiculous proportions. He is just a man, after all. I think people have the ability to do amazing and great things, and I hope Obama does, but I just see that there are so many big issues needing resolution.
And it is still politics.
Alright, I have got to lay down.



Friday is always a long day around here, as Tray is commuting and at work for 11 hours-ish. Usually we have playgroup to occupy us on Fridays, but I am not ready to bring the girls around other kiddos yet.
We are all feeling better, thank God. And Tray's immune system continues to be working to his benefit. It always helps when there is one adult who is not struck with the sickness! Though his weekend was not really restful.

Here are a few photos about what's going on around here this morning. It may be very cold out, but the sun is shining in, and that always helps the mood!
Fern got a haircut, Sage is getting her babies ready for a trip to the store, and I took a few pictures of the stuff on top of their play kitchen.


Stomach Bug

Helping Mama
So, the girls and I have been quite ill with the gastro. Not happy times. I am grateful for: 1) my lingering cold that helped me not to have to smell the nasty. 2) That I was puking all night, and didn't have to tend the girls while sick. 3) That it came to us during Tray's weekend. 4) That I haven't started school yet. 5) That the girls are napping and sleeping well at night.

I am getting so excited to start school!!
I haven't been sewing OR painting, though I should have been.
Fern is going to be walking soon I think, though I have thought that for a while now. She is just so much more hesitant than Sage, and it's endearing.
Ok gotta run...you know why...hah!


Cloth Menstrual Pads

So, kind of a weird subject. But yes, disposable pads and tampons are really bad for the earth, and some argue, bad for womens' bodies.
Recently, a friend asked me if I could try to make her some cloth pads. I got this pattern from NikkiShell, who is an awesome seamstress and mom.
My prototype turned out okay. However, after seeing some pretty beautiful pads on Etsy by this mama, and I think I might skip the whole "insert" thing.

I have a week until I start school. I kind of feel that nesting sensation, like before having a baby. I think it's because I know that life as we know it is going to change completely. But the good thing is, in mid-May, I'll be back to full-time stay-at-home-mom probably.

Nothing else to really write. OH-I am loving the new diapers I made last week. They are incredible. So much so that I don't want to use plain prefolds anymore. I want a whole stash of nice fitted diapers. I think I will make them "cuter" next time though.Folded up



Clear a Way

I'm working on some paintings for my brother. It's been nice to have some painting to do, I can feel a part of my brain working and inspiring me during the rest of the day.

It's challenging to paint in the presence of little ones (while they're awake).

In other news, I have finally accepted that I am sick again. Just a cold at this point, but tons of that wonderful, thick green stuff. WOOHOO!
Fern slept pretty poorly again last night. Please tubes, please help.



Last night I gave Fern some Benadryl at bedtime. It was a recommendation of my mom's.
Let's just say I could get used to this. My brain and body feel quite, quite different.
She went to sleep without crying (that never happens), she slept without waking until 1:30 AM (that never happens either, she usually wakes twice before 10 PM, and then again around 11 where she will cry for an hour til I nurse her, and then she will cry when I try to lay her back down in her crib), and then she went right back to sleep in her crib without crying (after nursing her at 1:30), which never happens, and then I HAD TO WAKE HER UP AT 8:20. This is quite strange. I don't quite know what to think yet. Besides the fact I will be giving her Benadryl tonight.



I have been posting so infrequently, that when I do go to write, I feel scatterbrained!

I have a little over 2 weeks until classes start! I am getting really excited at this point, especially at school supplies (yay click pencils and big erasers and nice new notebooks and calculators etc. etc.)!

I have been sewing a little bit, as well as working on some paintings for my brother Kevin. They are loosely based on fractal vegetables called romanesco. It's been fun to paint, pretty much for the first time since leaving art school. Although I will say, I really don't like acrylic paint. It dries so fast, doesn't mix nicely, and just doesn't feel nice on a brush. I'm not much of a painter though, so it'll do for now!

For New Year's, we went to my brother Damien's house in Conshohocken. He was having a party, and it was so nice to feel like we were "partying" for New Year's. We left at 9 PM to head up to Doylestown, where we stayed overnight at Tray's mom's apartment. We got Ooka sushi and passed out at 9:30. Fern would NOT go to sleep, and continues her terrible sleeping patterns. We see an ear, nose, and throat specialist on January 23rd. Phew!! Please, someone get this girl some relief.

Here are some photos:
The cloth diapers I am working on:cloth diaper closed up
My cutie baby:
Mommy and Fern