Mystery Jack-O-Lantern

mystery jack-o-lantern
This guy showed up on our stoop the other night! We have no idea who put it there, isn't that great?
Sage up on the Zoo Balloon
I know everyone and their half brother have this photo, but here's our version!

This was a fun weekend. Sunday I went to Bella Vista Beer Distributors' Open House at their new location. Jesse told me about it, and it was pretty much a blast. The only problem was that Tray was at work, I had both kids, and I had to drive home,...in time for naps! Too bad I couldn't stay all day. Church was so much fun, and I am volunteering in the nursery with the children's team every couple weeks. I am also trying to get together a little newsletter to debrief the parents in our church about the goings ons of our children's ministry. I am excited, and I feel super excited for where things are going. The physical space has opened up some creativity and initiative, and it's all good.
Yesterday while the girls napped, I ordered up some moo minicards. I am super excited about it! I also ordered up some garment tags with my logo and website on them! This is pretty exciting for me! We'll see where things go.

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  1. i hope that jack-o-lantern isn't a sign that someone is trying to send!

    i'm glad you're getting more and more involved with the children's team. awesome.