Woolies Restocked

I have restocked woolies in the shop, miraculously having some time to cut and sew and photograph and list this week. I am not counting on that continuing, but I can still dream, right?!
These are my favorite ones just listed because of the colors as well as the super thick merino. The cream was actually a Smart Wool sweater that was my mom's. It got felted to the point where it wasn't wearable anymore, even by my very petite sister-in-law. It will make a great cover for longer periods of time and it still has maintained the qualities of merino that I love: a soft touch and no scratchy sensation. The orange is just great for this time of year.
Medium shorties

Ryder is a little love. I fall more in love with each passing hour. I am just overjoyed to have a little boy! I can't wait until he can giggle and smile back at me while he's awake, but until then I am loving these little glimpses of what's to come:
giggle sleeping face


Oaxacaborn Interview

Gina at oaxacaborn asked to do a quick interview with me about cloth diapering with wool. Check out her blog to read the interview and check out her beautiful creations also!
Thank you Gina!


Welcome Ryder Doyle

Our son, Ryder Doyle, was born in the very early morning on Monday. He was born in the water in our home, into the waiting arms of our midwife Christy and my husband Tray. Almost 2 pounds heavier than my girls, he weighed 8 pounds even. I definitely didn't think I was going to be able to birth him, and could not feel him moving into my birth canal, even after what felt like a lot of pushing. It was very discouraging. Then, he was moving down during contractions, and retreating back between them, and I just felt like he was never going to come out. I remember repeating, "I don't think I can do it," and "I want this baby OUT."
When his head finally crowned, I felt the most overwhelming ecstasy, relief and joy at knowing he WAS coming out, and it was going to be very soon. My midwife explains the expression on my face at that moment in her blog here.
We are all adjusting to our new life. Tray has been all star dad/house cleaner/short order cook/ water bearer/ herb sitz bath preparer/school taxi-er/ kid tender/ laundry doer/ errand runner. All of this while still keeping up with his business emails and ordering. Sage is head-over-heels for brother, while Fern is having a tough time adjusting to ANOTHER person competing for energy and attention. Already family and friends have shown enormous support and love with food, visits, toys for the girls, calls, emails, and by taking the girls overnight tonight and when I was in labor. Thank you all for your support!!


Combination Deal

I am still pregnant, at 40 1/2 weeks, and trying to keep myself busy. This is the longest I've ever been pregnant, and it's exhausting. I am excited to meet this little boy, but I know the exhaustion coming our way will be more intense than this late-pregnancy tiredness.

I just added a combo deal to my Etsy shop. Save a couple bucks and pick the diaper and cover of your choice. I have sold one combo already, and hope to add a couple more combo sets in the future. I know I like to save when ordering online.
Check out the listing HERE.