Nautical Inspiration

I decided to start training for a half marathon. I hate running, but it's kind of the best bang-for-your-buck as far as time in: results out goes. Plus, I can take the kid(s) with me in the stroller, I get a dose of Vitamin D, it's free, and I feel awesome when I'm done. I am doing a run walk training system, so that means I run a certain amount of minutes and then walk a certain amount of minutes. For my short runs during the week, I can run more and walk less. Today I had to go 6 miles, and I just started training on Thursday! I ran 2 minutes and walked 2 minutes, with a healthy 4 minute walk at the beginning and end. I feel great! It took me forever, but I got inspired along the way on the Delaware River:
Nautical Inspiration 1
Nautical Inspiration 2
Nautical Inspiration 4

Nautical Inspiration 3
I know, I know, the Hipstamatic is so 2010, but I just got it, so I have to use it.


Wool Sleepsack Anchors Away!

I posted my wool sleep sack to Etsy the other day. Then I decided it needed a little sprucing up. Here is a sneak peek of what that was:
I hope to get some new shots of it as soon as this cloudy weather clears. Then it will be reposted to my Rebourne Shop.



I will be restocking wool diaper covers as soon as I am able to photograph them and start posting! I just spent a glorious handful of days with the family in upstate NY. We stayed with my mom's youngest sister and her family. What a blast! Coming home today was nothing short of horrific: screaming 4 year old, then screaming baby, then screaming 3 year old. We are home though! Here is a sneak peek of some of the restocks, all lanolized and ready for their photo-op:
Sneak peek


studio nook

Here is a little nook of my studio that isn't a mess.
Thread is vintage and it's for decoration. The rack is an Ikea shelving unit from my childhood that I painted. The bike print is from my mom, as is the measuring ruler. Those shoes are recycled suede that I made a while ago.


Aquarium visit

Tray had off on Saturday, which was a nice day to spend as a family. Usually I am at home with the kids feeling sorry that everyone else is together as a family. We visited the Camden Aquarium, and had a blast. It is so nice to live in the city, it took us maybe 15 minutes door-to-door to get there. The kids loved it and it wore them out. Here is the hippo, she was super cute:
Hippo butt
Tray bought the kids himself a RC car. He and Sage drove it in the Ikea parking lot last night, it was very cute:



This winter has been snowy in Philadelphia. My girls are 3 and 4 years old, and growing like weeds. I like to get out and about in any weather, and I couldn't find snow boots or pants for them at our thrift store. I found some rain boots for $3 for the 3 year old, and ordered some Crocs boots for my 4 year old. I had a 20% off coupon code and a code for free shipping. Then, I lucked out at my local dead stock fabric shop, where I buy almost all of my fabric for Rebourne. I found a roll of what appeared to be waterproof high performance material, what I imagine snow pants are made from! I bought it and finally got around to drafting a pattern for each girl (based on a pair of pants that fits them well). Sewing this material and the lining of polarfleece was not easy! Lots of layers, and when there are plastics involved, sewing on a home machine is always tricky. However, I finished her pants the other day and they are super cute! Of course she wants nothing to do with them!

Now we can move to Colorado and snowboard and ski everyday! (My dream)


You know you are through colic when...

-You don't have a stash of 8 different homeopathic medicines on a shelf in your living room
-You shave your legs for the first time in 4 months
-You can have a conversation with your spouse wherein you are not screaming at each other just to hear how their day was
-You are almost excited to start a day with your smiling baby (ok, you are excited, just hesitant that he will regress and scream for hours, so you're scared to be too excited)

Thank God it's over.


Armed with the promise of candy...

I had the girls model for me this morning. They did a great job and it only took 5 minutes to get these shots!
Of course I did some photoshopping, but they were so cute with their baby doll.
The doll sling is for sale at the Rebourne Etsy shop.