Family Camp 2009

Every year, for the past 27 years, I have gone to Family Camp. I have missed maybe 1 or 2. Now, Tray and I bring our girls and we enjoy a week on Torch Lake. What a beautiful, magical week it was. Finally, for the first time since having kids, it actually felt like a vacation, for both of us.
This is what the 16 hour drive was like: Shower cap fun
This is what we did:
My girls and I...
This is where we slept:
Our cabin
It was great. Our car got broken into on the way out, they stole our DVD player and our GPS that we strategically left RIGHT ON THE DASH. Duh.
It's back to school for me next week, and the girls will be starting day care. New adjustments all around.


Completed Project, and Braiding

As a girl, my mom spent hours every day torturing my scalp with brushes and ripping my hair back into french braids. In my teen years, I spent hours every day working on dreadlocks and using purple and pink dye to make my statement.
Yesterday, I gave my toddler her first french braids. I found it so satisfying! And she didn't even whine!
Fancy hair, fancy necklace, fancy dress
The wool soaker I started months ago is finally done. I left it in a complete but not finished state for about a month: done knitting and crocheting, but yarn ends hanging loosely at every seam. I knotted them off and put a tag on the soaker yesterday. Wool Soaker complete!
Tomorrow I am doing the SheRox Sprint Triathlon. I am nervous and excited. Tray leaves for Washington State today, for a 5 day trip. No comment on that. Ha!