lots of inspirations

it's thursday, and tray is helping his mom move into her new apartment. sage was a good girl this morning, and hopefully she's going to be going to sleep soon, but now i hear her talking.
i've been sewing a lot lately, or at least thinking a lot about sewing. i've been going to www.burdastyle.com a lot lately because they have free patterns that you just print at home and assemble. i'm almost done this skirt from there, but it's way more hideous than i expected, plus i made it too big. but i'm forcing myself to finish it just for the experience of putting the zipper in and doing the hem. it'll be annoying, but whatever. i need more discipline. other than that, i'm sewing some cloth diapers for baby number two and sage, and possibly their nursery decor. i wasn't into the nursery thing before, but now i definitely am. when i approach being ready to embark on that (probably after we find out the sex of this baby in about 2 months), i'll make a big trip to jomar for fabric and notions. i wasn't able to find much affordable fabric at joann's the other day, even though i had a few 50% off coupons. they seem to mark their fabrics down a little during coupon sales, so then it's ineligible for the coupon price. annoying. plus, i haven't decided to go with a bright pink, purple and green theme for sage's stuff or not. we had all the bland sage green and yellow stuff because we liked it and we didn't know what she was going to be, but now she's getting older and i see her room being very vibrant.
we are going to start looking at homes soon, in both the fishtown/northern liberties/old kensington areas and in conshohocken. we're not sure we're ready for city living yet, and my brother and his girlfriend live in conshohocken. we'll see.
i think i'm coming over the hump of this first trimester soon, or at least i hope so.
that's all for now, i've got some serious laundry to fold.