variable sunshine, scattered thunderstorms

i feel like i've accomplished so much already today. now i'm exhausted. the most gratifying was certainly cleaning the bathtub. i love 'mr clean'.
i've been particularly struck with my devotional bible's entry about boasting. the entry was by a woman who wrote about her struggle with feeling inadequate, and how it manifested in her being judgemental and finding fault in others. she then came across the passage (i don't have the verses) that state that God doesn't want the wise to boast of their wisdom, or the rich of their riches. but rather, He would have us boast about knowing Him, about His kindness, justice, and righteousness. I feel like i'm either busying myself with judging others, or i'm realizing my need to be accepted and i'm trying everything i can to prove myself to others so i have something to boast about. i'm trying to understand what God means through this passage. some people say it's enough to just know that God loves us. i think i like this passage because it becomes less about God loving me, and more about loving God and knowing why we love Him.
i need a nap.