still waiting for fern francis. still exhausted and trying to rely on God's grace and provision to deal with sage's new stage of temper tantrums.
can't believe i'll be holding another baby soon. a different baby. wow.


my etsy page

i've started an etsy page. etsy is a cool site where crafters and creators can sell their handmade stuff. check out my page to see the handmade creations i've been making. send the link to friends if you think they'll be interested. thanks!



so tired, so tired, so tired. it's the point in pregnancy when one wants to sleep all the time, but the body is too uncomfortable and the mind is too unsettled. but i'm going to try to sleep.
less than 4 weeks til due date of fern francis. not too many signs of labor coming anytime soon.
i've been making some really cool stuff lately, i should take pictures but i'm too tired. i was at the maternal wellness center today (in mount airy), and saw some of my stuff still for sale there. pretty cool, but my new stuff is way more fun. i think i need to switch out the old for new.