Big Stocking of the Store

Pink and grey (merino and cashmere heaven)
I finished a bunch of new items the other day, so check out my shop for a view of them! I am putting them all up today as I don't know when this baby will arrive, and I don't want to slowly add them day by day.



Amanda is a mama who runs a blog that features reviews of baby items and giveaways. She is featuring my cloth diapers now and you should visit her blog to enter to win a free cloth diaper from my Rebourne Shop!
One Size Fits All Fitted Diaper
Thanks so much for featuring me, Amanda!!


Diaper bag and sleep sack

I have loved Novita's blog for a long time, and finally made a bag from her free reversible bag tutorial. I have been resisting the notion of carrying a diaper bag, kind of bitter about having to carry clothes, diapers and wipes with me at all times again. But, after making this bag, I feel like it's large enough to carry what I need, and pretty cute too.
I made a couple of adjustments to it: I made the pink side with a zipper pocket, I put a key fob (why are they called that?) for my keys, and I put a three section open pocket area on the denim side. It was pretty easy to construct, even with all my added stuff. I will say that turning the bag right side out was more difficult because of the zipper, so next time I'll leave more room for turning it out.
Fabric is Ikea print and a denim from my stash.
VeryPurplePerson reversible bag
My friend Constance commissioned me to make a sleep sack for her son. I made one, but it was a bit too short, so I made a second one. I learned a lot about drafting and making creations, as always. She is choosing between the two for which one she prefers. Here is a photo of the second one, which I made the separating zipper start at the top and go to the bottom. Again, another Ikea print with a cotton flannel from the dead stock factory:
Sleep sack


Stamps and Washcloths

I made some stamps today for packaging and labeling. I have felt like I am missing a little personalized touch when I send out packages to customers, and thought about buying a custom stamp. Then I remembered all of the thousands of dollars I spent on art school and printmaking classes, the tools I already had on hand, and the carving blocks already in my possession. While I truly believe in supporting those around you who are making things you COULD make, this just seemed like an inappropriate time. So I designed in Photoshop, transferred the design to the block, and started cutting. It was kind of therapeutic, and kind of painful, but the results are GREAT. I made a larger one and a thin, one line one. I can use a brayer and apply fabric paint if I want, or just use an ink pad for paper.
Made some stamps today
I also finished some organic cotton terry washcloths for my friend Lisa of Volta Organics. She had some twill tape made with her logo on it which I used to make a little loop to hang the washcloth. They are beautiful, and this cotton is SO SOFT.
Organic cotton washcloths for Volta Organics
On Thursday, I have my first appointment to get acupuncture. I am beyond excited.


BurdaStyle Pattern

I just finished a maternity top for myself based off the BurdaStyle pattern Desira. Here's a photo I took of me in it today:
maternity desira


New Wool Items

I made another mini stash of wool items over the weekend as my husband was home Sunday and Monday. I have three of them up for sale in the shop, more to come each day this week:

Heart applique shorties
100% merino shorties with reinforced crotch
Candy apple with sprinkles longies
Keep checking back to see these listed soon:
Stripey shortiesCandied apple shorties


Finished sweater

I finished the sweater I started for boy. I found the pattern on Ravelery, and it is located here.
I used stash organic cotton yarn and stash buttons.
Sweater front
Sweater back
Sweater front detail
Hmm, what to make next?


Bear Claw

My sister-in-law asked me to make a t-shirt for her friends' baby a while ago. I procrastinated. I don't really have patterns for every size shirt, so I knew I'd have to draft the shirt, make the shirt, design the embroidery design she wanted (a bear claw), and do that. Finally, I cut the pieces for the shirt, using a 12 month onesie as the guide, and then two days ago I finally designed and did the embroidery and assembled the shirt. I was surprised that nothing catastrophic happened with the assembly, usually when I am doing a one-of-a-kind item, I always mess it up and have to figure out how to rectify the situation. I also had to learn how to do the machine embroidery on my mom's machine, as I sold my old one. That was very smooth, even with specialty thread. Berninas are pretty incredible.
So here's a picture of the shirt, it's about a 12 month size, but nice and long. I always hated when t-shirts drifted up on my little ones when they started crawling/walking, so this will be long enough to tuck into a skirt or shorts.
Bear claw t-shirt