"why do people even write blogs?"

my husband asked me this the other day. i am not sure i know the answer, but i said, "it's narcissism. people think other people care what they're thinking and writing." we agreed that some people live far away and lead exciting lives, and need to update family and friends with their goings-ons. not really me, but i still feel the desire to let out some thoughts to whomever reads (is "whom" the object or subject? i love the office.
right now i'm sitting in our third floor bedroom. the window is open and i hear cars and motorcycles, birds, an airplane, and my dog breathing. i'm sipping a cup of coffee my husband brought up to me. i'm not on the third floor because i would necessarily choose it, it's just the only place that our internet picks up a signal. but now i'm here and i'm loving it. the city has been quite the experience so far, i'm grateful for everything. we are loving our house and our neighborhood. i need to take some pictures of the house and upload them.
i'm now six plus months pregnant! i'm feeling quite big already, but otherwise healthy and well. starting to sleep a little worse just because i have to pee so much, but like i knew with sage, it's good preparation for being up all night (or at least that is a good way of thinking of it in the moment, but really nothing can prepare you for those nights).
sage is newly 16 months old. she's doing really well, and just started counting yesterday. it's really fun to see and hear her learning new things. i realized last night in bed that i haven't had many days lately where i wonder if i'll make it to the end of the day. i'm certainly ready to put her down at 7/7:30/8, but i'm not begging for it for hours. i've been trying to occupy our late afternoons with fun outdoor activities and that keeps us all a little more sane.
yesterday tray was demo-ing giant bicycles up at mountain creek in new jersey. sage and i had a nice morning at the park with madeline and jane and then after her nap we went for a bike ride on kelly drive! it was only our second ride there together, and our first just the two of us. it was a lot of gear to load and unload twice, but worth it. it is quite the workout and it felt great to be exercising and be outside. she hates it.
not much else to report. i'm gonna go try to get my new coverstitch machine from china to work. i've already tried for 3 hours so i'm kind of frustrated, but i would like to be able to use it!