New Etsy Listing

I have listed the first Very Baby Cloth Diaper for sale at my Etsy shop. Thanks for checking it out!


Bird Dresses

I was sewing all day yesterday! I've been working on finishing some Very Baby One Size Fits All Fitted Diapers, and I wanted to make my first All-In-One. I made myself a maternity skirt and turned my handmade jeans into maternity shorts. I was starting to prep an adorable curtain I had found at the thrift store, intending to make another maternity skirt. Fern got her eyes on it and asked in her cute little way if I'd make her a dress? How could I deny that ball of cuteness? So I made her a little sack dress, perfect for her potty training as it's nice and short.
When Sage and Tray got home from work, Sage asked where her skirt was? I ran upstairs and made her one, and then we went to the community garden for a photo shoot:
Bird Dress 2
Bird Dress 8
Pictures of the diapers coming soon!!


Camping Trip

My husband's weekend is Wednesday-Thursday. We decided that we want to take advantage of our schedule and go camping as many Wednesday nights as possible this Spring/Summer.
Recently, my aunt asked me, "What kinds of things do you and Tray like to do together?"
Which I laughed at. Then she asked, "What did you do before you had kids?"
I had to think back 5 years, and then remembered all of the hikes and sleep outs we did, and all of the road bike rides we went on. It made me realize that I really miss camping and backpacking, and also that our kids are definitely old enough to do some car camping.
Last night, we camped at Tohickon Valley Campground. It was magical! Everything except the sleeping bit was so fun. The girls loved being able to roam, explore, hike, play in a stream, and eat outdoors. Tray and I got a little taste of a hobby that made up much of our time pre-kids. He hiked about 1/3 of the Appalachian Trail and I had been a wilderness camper and counselor my whole life.
We even fired up a backpacking stove to make hot chocolate this morning!
We learned that we need WAY more sleeping mats (2 thin thermarests don't cut it for a pregnant lady and 2 kids and husband), pillows from home, more sheets, and just more thought put into sleeping arrangements. Possibly even the kids in their own tent, or putting them down for bed in a way that is more familiar to them.
Here are a few photos:
Frog hunting 1BreakfastDogs on the fire
21 weeks pregnant with brother bear
My belly is growing every day. The girls think we should name him "Shanti", which means Peace, which I think is kind of perfect too. We'll see.



Newly finished pannier bag
I just finished our utility bike's pannier bag. I copied Xtracycle's design as much as I could (their pictures were tough to steal ideas from). It's made of Cordura I bought from Rochford Supply. I sewed the entire thing on my industrial machine, as my home machine did NOT like the cordura, and of course didn't like the webbing. Plus, the industrial machine stitches with super strong nylon thread, which is more durable. You can't rip it with your hands. I made a few mistakes on the first attempt, but nothing bad enough to require a re-make. I used snaps from Very Baby to attach it to the frame, and webbing from EMS/REI for all of the straps. A salvaged 1 1/2" car seat belt was used for the middle adjustable strap. Any more spec questions, just ask. We have yet to use it, so I don't know how many grocery bags it will hold, but we'll see. I will probably use our grommet kit to put some grommets in the bottom, as rainwater will just sit in the bottom if we don't take the time to empty it.
Tray and I are considering opening an Etsy shop with our bike seats, accessories for family bikes, and probably custom panniers.



I have been thinking a little bit about homeschooling. Mainly because Sage has taken such a huge leap lately in her curiosity regarding writing, reading, learning about animals and farms. She is also  requesting lots of book time and one-on-one instruction.
The idea of homeschooling is a bit overwhelming to me, and not completely appealing to my selfish side. However, I feel that my parents homeschooled us even while we were all in public school. They were constantly instilling curiosity and a love of learning, particularly independent learning. I remember using a globe, a microscope, and our computer as part of daily fun. My dad had a list for my brother and I, and we could earn 25 cents to a dollar based on what type of program we could write on our Apple IIe (I think that's what it was!?). Now Kevin is a programmer!
I have started to read some books about homeschooling and already started to take a relaxed approach to our daily activities. I have found myself stimulated and engaged with the girls, and really enjoying seeing them grow and learn. Who knows if we will continue to pursue it, but for now it's certainly an option. Especially because when I asked Sage if she would rather have school at home or 2 blocks away at preschool (with her neighborhood friends), and she said, "At home, because I like it when you and Daddy are my teacher."
Here are some photos reflecting what I consider to be our homeschooling experience right now (except for the books, which are probably the biggest part, and are mainly library books right now):
Fern and our composting worms:
Holding her composting worms
Sage spending lots of time with me at the chalkboard working on letters, numbers, and faces:
Drawing faces
Growing and eating our own produce, and soon getting our CSA produce from a local urban farm:
Strawberries she grew!
Going for hikes and searching for cool critters, plants, and exploring the woods:

Rainy day hike


Art Shop Garden Festival

I will be vending at the Art Shop Garden Festival on June 11th and 12th in Philadelphia. Please come out and support local artists and farmers!
I will have some hats, wet bags, Very Baby Cloth diapers, cloth wipes, recycled bike tube wallets, and maybe some more.


Bike Ride

The other day I took Fern for a ride on our Surly Big Dummy. After my bad experience with both kids on the bike, I've decided that I am only going to take one kid at a time until we're all comfortable. Which might not be ever, and might be after I've had this baby. My balance is certainly compromised, even at almost 5 months pregnant. Getting on a off the bike is challenging, let alone trying to hold up 100+ pounds of bike and kid while dismounting.
Our rides have been great. I don't feel stressed out, Fern really enjoys it, and I just love getting out and about without spending money or driving a car.
Fern and Mama go for a ride
Tonight I turn in all of my remaining school work to finish my Bachelor of Arts in Physics. I could not be more excited!!