Tank Top

I ditched class today so I could sew. It was a computer lab and I don't feel guilty about it. I took a tank top that my sister-in-law gave me and tried to copy the design. I made my own pattern and stitched this puppy up in no time, including time for mistakes! I love the fit and plan on making a ton more, as my t-shirt stash was just refilled last weekend.
Tank 1 FrontTank 1 Back

Long Day

Yesterday was my longest day away from both of my girls. Tray took them to my mom's house and I stayed in the city for classes. How strange! It was weird to not be around them for so long, and to not put Fern down for her nap and not nurse her. I am not going to say I enjoyed it, it was just different. I like having time to myself, but I almost couldn't get enough time with them before bed last night. I don't think I want to be working full time right now.
The girls and I went to their friend's birthday party on Saturday. I made this little skirt for the birthday girl:
Here's a photo of the girls and I from two days ago:
3 girls
Currently, I am working on getting my school schedule ironed out for the next couple semesters. Dear Chemistry, I know you hate me and your one goal in life is to make me cry, but we will be meeting again in the fall. Go easy on me. I still don't get more than 3 hours of sleep a night.


Goings ons

I just finished a hat order that will get shipped out today: Hat order with business cards
I started training for the Broad Street Run. I hate running. But I kind of love it too. It'll be a good jumping-off point for doing some triathlons this summer.


Clothes to Dry

I am really excited that my clothes are drying outside right now!!! And Fern's diapers are about to be hanging out there with them. Clothes rack


Jeans Disaster

Jeans, take oneThe jeans are done. Well, kind of...I didn't put a button on the waistband yet, but it doesn't matter. They ended up kind of messed-up!! The waistband ended up way too big for me somehow. The muslin pair was fine, maybe a little loose, but nothing like this!
I put the belt hoops in the wrong spots. I guess I should have done them on my muslin pair for practice!
However, I am really pleased with the cut of them-I altered the pattern to make them more straight-leg, and it turned out great. My goal was to be able to wear them on my bike without having to French roll. Nothing against French-rolling, it's just a hassle in cold weather for a girl who already has dry, ashy legs!! The hem length seems to be perfect so far, and I am really pleased with the top-stitching. I just have to figure out how to get the waist to fit me, as I have no experience what-so-ever with altering.


Bike and Pants

The pants are coming along nicely. Again, I am really glad I made the muslin pair before starting the denim. At the suggestion of Melissa at Fehr Trade, I am using Gutterman upholstery-weight thread. It is so thick! My machine is handling it like a champ, and I am really pleased overall with its handling of several layers of denim.
I wanted to do some cool freehand embroidery, and I even started it. However, that is one area where the upholstery weight thread did NOT want to cooperate. I regret starting it, because now it just looks kind of silly. But, it's my first pair of pants, I am not going to sweat it.
Here is Sage holding them up for me. New JeansFreehand Embroidery gone wrong
I started riding a fixed-gear bike the other day. I have been intimidated by them for a while now. I had the white Soma frame, but it was really small and my toes would hit the wheel every time I turned. I like the bike, but I wouldn't be able to have toe-clips because it's so small. So riding fixed-gear on it would be tough. So, I am taking over Tray's track bike, which is actually Matt's bike, and Tray is going to build up a new track bike.
Tray and I are going to start shooting short video clips of the progression of his track bike skills. He can already bunny hop, wheelie, spin the handlebars 360° (whatever that's called!), and ride backwards for a short time. It's really fun to watch, and I know there are tons of people out there with skills, but whatever.


Tubes and Teeth

Today Fern had her ear tubes put in. The procedure went very well and she is playing on the floor behind me now (after a very long nap!). I am so grateful that the snow didn't pile up too high for us to get to the hospital this morning. I hope she is able to have some healthy weeks, or at least some time free from the constant pressure and pain of fluid-filled eardrums.
Fern post-op
Tomorrow, Tray ends his 4-year stint of being toothless. I don't know if I will be able to contain my giddy-ness!! He had a "flipper", which is like a retainer with the missing tooth on it. But the flipper only came out for "special" engagements (weddings, formal photo-ops, etc.). I can't wait for his transformation. If this sounds pretentious, forgive me.
Lastly, the muslin pants are "finished". Lots of mistakes that will hopefully help me NOT make the same mistake on the denim!