Whole Foods' Diapers and the Please Touch Museum

Ok, moms out there: NEVER BUY WHOLE FOODS' DIAPERS. Already this morning (it's 7:56 AM), Fern has pooped or peed out of two diapers onto two different outfits. I am better off in cloth diapers full time with the amount of outfits I'm washing right now. Plus she's got a raging rash, which may or may not be her teeth. She is getting a top tooth! I feel like throwing a party or something!

Yesterday we went to the Please Touch Museum in Memorial Hall. They just moved the location from Center City to Fairmount Park. I was blown away! I had pretty low expectations, as I expected they would just be moving the old stuff to the new space. But the building itself is amazing! The layout makes so much more sense, different activities are grouped separately, the activities are more obviously age appropriate (or not, depending), and it actually feels like Sage will get a workout now. Before, the museum was so small that we would leave exhausted, but not necessarily from running around! It seems like there are so many different things to do that more children will be occupied at the same time now. At the old location, certain displays only had a couple items, and I often found myself in sharing wars with Sage (while juggling Fern) because there were three other kids waiting in line.
I had a blast. The Cleveland Kids' Museum was my favorite thing in the world when I was young, and I know that this place will create some awesome memories for so many kids.
Did I mention there's free parking and a free carousel (to members)? Amazing. Anyone with two adults and two kids can use our membership, so let me know if anyone out there would like to visit. Hopefully your kids will be more appreciative of the awesomeness than mine were:
Please Touch Museum


  1. i hadn't heard that it moved. sounds worth checking out!

  2. I have never gone, and I feel I should definitely go now-- before all my kids outgrow it!