Christmas face paint
Here is Sage on Christmas morning after getting her face painted!
The trip was quite an adventure. The girls traveled really well, and seemed to both enjoy the boat and the family we were with. The boat we were on was certainly geared for children ages 3 and up, though there were a couple of baby/toddler specific things. The security lines were really tough to manage with two small kids and all our luggage. However, we were able to eat 4 dinners in the dining room, which was so nice for us to feel like we were part of the family action. My grandmother was celebrating her 80th birthday, so all of my aunts and uncles and cousins were there.
Tray got me a "Ladies Pampering" spa treatment, which was incredibly nice. However, I was stressed out while there because it was bedtime. I returned to our stateroom where Fern had screamed the entire time and puked all over the bedspread, which had been changed, and then she puked again (from crying so hard). I don't think I will be weaning her anytime soon, as she is so attached. I had considered going out of town with Sage for a couple of days and letting Tray deal with her (cold turkey wean), but I am reconsidering. Also helping her cause: the fact that she slept more than 2 hours at a time last night! Nursing is such a mix of emotion: loving that special bonding, hating being "tied down", getting bit, being kept up at night, knowing you are giving your baby the best, not having your body to yourself, the list goes on. I am glad I have been able to nurse both my girls, but some days it's a struggle to persist.



After some tough days and nights, and struggling with a bad attitude, here is a post on what I am thankful for right now. Inspired by another blogging mom who has a lot to complain about but chose to post on this topic!

1. These two:
these two
2. Wipes warmer and homemade wipe solution with cloth wipes. I'll admit, this week has been a lot of disposables, but I've been pretty good with the cloth for a while now! And my, the savings is awesome!!
3. New luggage for our cruise next week.
4. My husband.
5. The Macy's light show and Dicken's Village.
6. Coffee.
7. Advil and Sudafed.
8. Starting school in a couple weeks, even though I'm petrified of the whole idea.


Nothing Exciting

I have nothing exciting to post. I started working on the paintings I am doing for my brother Kevin. I have been working on my website a tad. I haven't been in my studio at all (except about 15 minutes yesterday). I made two Etsy sales over the weekend! One was a cute custom baby hat that was quite a challenge. Highly enjoyable! We are going on a cruise next week, and that has been occupying my mind. Fern has another cold and continues to sleep horribly, so that is also what my mind has been up to. She has an appointment to see a specialist for her ears in January, and we really hope they can help us sort things out. Meanwhile, I am waiting for her to get another ear infection with this cold, but worrying about flying and cruising with a sick babe!!

Any suggestions for flight and cruise creativity? The flight is 2.5 hours, and the cruise doesn't really offer many kid's activities.
Oh, I sold one of my flickr photos of my girls to a small book company. They will be hopefully using it in a baby book about families. Exciting!


double-yolk egg

double-yolk egg
double-yolk egg,
originally uploaded by marniduffy.
Yesterday morning, I cracked my egg, attempting to just let the whites go into the pan. Out shot these two yolks!

We went to a Christmas party for Tray's work last night. It was really fun, and the kids were really good. They both spazzed when it was time to leave, but that was expected.
Unfortunately, Fern woke up every hour and a half last night! There have been no strides in the 'cry it out' method...but I think the recurring ear infections and sprouting of new teeth aren't helping anything.


Deconstructing All-in-Ones

All-In-One Deconstruction
I am taking apart these diapers. I made them probably over 18 months ago for Sage. The problem is that they leak pee and poo, a mistake of mine, not the pattern. I always felt bad just throwing them away, so I've kept them, even though they're useless. I finally kicked myself to cut them up and use the pieces, if possible.
I love the pattern, it makes really nice cloth diapers that fit many sizes of babies. However, they still need a cover. I am really into my wool longies lately (the long wool pants I've been making). They do not smell, and I love having cozy, natural fibers on Fern's skin. Don't get me wrong, All-In-Ones are great, but they are smellier and take really long to dry.
I got a new snap press, I am really excited to try it out and finish a couple of projects I've started.
Sage has been enjoying playing with the scraps while I deconstruct:
Sage and Velcro
Other than this, I've not been busy crafting at all. Fern has been sleeping horribly overnight, and I've just been exhausted. It's been a tough couple weeks. I need to make an appointment for her to see an ENT specialist.


Oh Snap

I almost forgot to post something to my shop today!
Here's a cute photo from last night's Christmas tree decorating party we had with the girls. Sage has my handmade garland from last year all over her (actually, just yarn with scraps of the same material as the skirt I posted about yesterday tied on):
big old kiss
It was so much fun to get our little house into festive mode. I never thought I would love the "season" or decorations or seasonal music, but I really do love it. We have already been enjoying our music with slow-dance parties every night before bed (each girl gets a parent for some cheek-to-cheek time). Tonight we were listening to Pandora, some really great Ella Fitzgerald and similar artists doing Christmas songs.
It is great now that Sage is old enough to help decorate, but it's tough because Fern wants to put everything in her mouth.
We've had fun talking to Sage about what Christmas is. We plan on doing the whole "Santa" thing, but obviously maintaining a healthy scoop of the reason for the season. Which, for us, is anticipating Jesus' birth.

Here's the hat on Etsy,
and here's a photo of my model:
Cycle Cap


New Skirt in Shop

Hello again.
After a trip to school today to get some stuff sorted out, none of which got sorted out, I am back home to post this skirt.
I was inspired by a super cool skirt on Anthropologie's website. It was pretty awesome. Of course I am not skilled enough, nor would I want to wear one of these myself.
Sage had a blast modeling for me.
Anyways, here it is.



I just posted a new shirt in my shop: Check it out.

Shirt Front

If you're an Etsy user, please add me to your favorites! I will reciprocate! Thanks for looking!


New Etsy Shop

I am opening a new Etsy shop, with 'Rebourne' as the shop name. It is an effort to reduce confusion (I am trying to stick with Rebourne for everything). I will be posting a new item everyday for the next couple of days. Check out the shop to see this little gift set I made for my friend: