june heat

today it's thankfully much cooler than yesterday. that was tough. sage and i went to the outdoor pool for her first swim out there. i'm slowly taking her underwater for longer and longer spouts (still like under 2 seconds, but feels like eternity to me). she loves the water and playing with other kids (more like watching them). her walking is getting better and better, except for two faceplants this morning as she tried to walk up a ramp. oops.
in bigger news, we are expecting our next baby next winter! i don't know how far along i am and don't have an appointment for an ultrasound until june 12th, but you can all be keeping us in your thoughts and prayers. i'm quite excited, but of course this means no triathlon, at least i doubt it. i haven't been to the midwife yet. i'm pretty excited that Lord willing the babies will be like 18 months apart. hopefully sage's temper tantrums stay somewhat bearable for me. i'm feeling good, just ridiculously tired and sick if i am hungry. and of course the fun cravings and sensitive smell, etc etc.
i'm trying to get my clothing company going again now that i have more free time from not training. i'll keep you posted.

i got a new haircut: