So, my website is getting better. Much thanks (okay, all thanks), to my little (but much larger than me) brother, Kevin. He is a master of all things web design. Hopefully I will learn some html and css to help make my site a little less pathetic as time goes on. I have two books on reserve from the library to help me out.
I finished another recycled wool cycling cap for a friend an old friend of mine. I did some embroidery on it, and I am pleased to hear that he likes it, doesn't hate it. I can't believe how my new sewing machine performed, wow.
Side View of Hat
I used a new technique for the inside part, using this super soft elastic. The fit was so nice, Tray was immediately asking for more for the bike shop.
Wool is one of those materials I am getting more and more into lately.
So the Phillies won! I felt myself almost getting sucked into the group mentality as I was driving to Ikea this morning with tons of other people (thankfully, they were headed to the stadiums, not Ikea). But I resisted. People are quickly drawn to flip cars over and loot when the group mentality takes over. RESIST!


Just in time for election day

Front View of 'Serious Choice' Dress

It's a serious choice!! No, I'm not about to get all political. I am having a hard time with this election. There are those important issues like abortion and the war, on which I really don't feel like the candidates have that differing of opinions!
As my mother-in-law says, "Obama is a Marxist!!! Do you want a Socialist running this country?"
It would be nice to have health insurance, especially on a day like today where I am very close to having a breast infection. That's a whole 'nother blog.
I also just finished a wool cycling cap and another toddler's dress, soon to be posted once I get the candy together to bribe my model. Ha!



So yeah, I guess everyone kind of had some snow today? I didn't see any here in the city, though the rain was close to being freezing. I took the girls to the Please Touch Museum again today, which was fun. Other than that and some hot chocolate, not much else went on...Hot Chocolate
Here's Tray in his crazy weather gear:
Crazy Daddy


Now Stitching

In My Studio Now
Woohoo! I am making my friend Chris a hat, with an extra somethin-somethin that I hope he likes, or will tolerate. It's a wool cycling cap, and so far I am lovin' the fit of it.
My labels came in the mail today!!!:Rebourne Labels
I am working on a couple tennis dresses for size 12months-2T. Soon to be posted to my Etsy.
Tonight I am going to see my friend Lois sing in Adam and Dave's Bloodline at Johnny Brenda's. I am already exhausted, so it should be interesting. But I gotta see her!

Today Sage said, "When I'm a mommy I'll get to go to concerts too!"
I didn't have the heart to tell her that when she's a mommy she probably won't have the money, babysitter, or energy to go to concerts.


Brown Vest, Recycled materials

My first vest, completed, except one thing. I learned a lot, mostly about shoulder seams! And how amazing my new machine is! I have also decided that if I think I am not going to like the fit of a garment beforehand, I should probably alter it before I make it! If I were to remake this vest, I would make it longer, and make the shoulder seams more narrow.
This pattern was pretty easy to follow, especially for a BurdaStyle pattern. The only super tricky part was the shoulder seams. I didn't quite get it for a while, and thankfully didn't destroy the vest in the process.
Like the last dress I made, I am not sure if or when I will wear this vest. But, I am proud and glad to be done!
Now, moving on to the 4 commissioned projects I have on my plate. Fun!!front view 2



Whole Foods' Diapers and the Please Touch Museum

Ok, moms out there: NEVER BUY WHOLE FOODS' DIAPERS. Already this morning (it's 7:56 AM), Fern has pooped or peed out of two diapers onto two different outfits. I am better off in cloth diapers full time with the amount of outfits I'm washing right now. Plus she's got a raging rash, which may or may not be her teeth. She is getting a top tooth! I feel like throwing a party or something!

Yesterday we went to the Please Touch Museum in Memorial Hall. They just moved the location from Center City to Fairmount Park. I was blown away! I had pretty low expectations, as I expected they would just be moving the old stuff to the new space. But the building itself is amazing! The layout makes so much more sense, different activities are grouped separately, the activities are more obviously age appropriate (or not, depending), and it actually feels like Sage will get a workout now. Before, the museum was so small that we would leave exhausted, but not necessarily from running around! It seems like there are so many different things to do that more children will be occupied at the same time now. At the old location, certain displays only had a couple items, and I often found myself in sharing wars with Sage (while juggling Fern) because there were three other kids waiting in line.
I had a blast. The Cleveland Kids' Museum was my favorite thing in the world when I was young, and I know that this place will create some awesome memories for so many kids.
Did I mention there's free parking and a free carousel (to members)? Amazing. Anyone with two adults and two kids can use our membership, so let me know if anyone out there would like to visit. Hopefully your kids will be more appreciative of the awesomeness than mine were:
Please Touch Museum


Roofing Dust

The dust and grime and dirt from the roof removal (apparently 3 layers of it) has me down. After spending two days and two nights at my parents' house in the suburbs, we came home today.
When the girls went down for their naps, I went upstairs to work in my studio. I had left the window open a crack, and I realized that the dust had creeped in and covered my desk and my serger and sewing machines. I saw the wreckage and quickly turned right back around and headed downstairs.
"I am trying really hard not to lose my s_#@* right now," I said to hubby.

I feel like I am not attached to that many material things, why do the few things I care so deeply about have to get "ruined". I struggled for the next couple hours (and continue to) with that internal battle. "Why does God let bad things happen?" "I know this is a test, why can't I have a good attitude about it?" "I need a stiff drink." "Why am I whining about some stupid piece of plastic and metal?"
Sometimes I am pathetic.
Thankfully, I have a patient and gentle husband.
On to funnier, lighter news: fashion:
this girl is almost edible.
Swim Baby!Style



So right now I am at my parents' house, hence no photos. Blah.
Our roof is being redone, or fixed, or whatever they do to roofs (rooves?). On Monday morning, I took a run after my week of no working out. I came home and showered, then ran upstairs to get my clothes from our 3rd floor bedroom. Little did I know that our curtains had been taken down and there was already a man on our roof, right by the dormer window! Hmm, exposure indeed. I quickly ran back downstairs and barked at my husband...something not worth repeating.
Speaking of not working out for a week. It was nice, but hubby says, "You weren't much fun to be around." Runner's high is pretty great.
More fun stuff soon, I hope.
OH MY...How could I forget the growler of ESB from The Ship Inn? Tray's friend from grade school and high school, Wayne, hooked us up with the growler. Tray's other friend Mick married the Ship's owner's daughter, so they enjoyed some good times on the house on Saturday. What great beer, and thanks Jesse for schooling me on the extra special.


stinkin cute
Yesterday I got to spend about an hour to myself! Tray took both girls to the park and I rode my bike to the Foodery to enjoy a nice Bell's Two-Hearted (which I loved!!) and work on my embroidery:


Heels and Vacuums

heels and vacuum
No, I never wear heels. The last time I did was at my friend Lindsay's wedding, and some wouldn't even consider those heels. That was 3 1/2 years ago. And it was only because I was IN the wedding party. But, I have a wedding to go to this weekend, and my sister-in-law sent up these cool pants from Brazil, and my friend Danielle worked as my stylist the other day and told me what to wear. Kind of fun. Kind of hideous. Really ridiculous. But fun.
This vacuum is so amazing. I know for some people, it costs more than they make in a year. But it is so incredible. I finally vacuumed our bedroom this morning, and it was so gratifying to see all of the dust in the chamber. Plus, it doesn't take bags, you just press a button and the bottom drops out, leaving all the nasty in your trashcan. No cleaning, one handed.
Here's another funny photo of Sage in a sleep sack. Reminds me of Maggie from the Simpsons.sleep sack
And here's a fun photo of stuff I've finished recently:gifts and sales
Now, to go sew on my new machine!! Woo I am scared!


Cooking Breakfast
This is Fern this morning.
Last night, we finished dinner and I let her have some fruit popsicle. She devoured it, and was mad when I took her to the bathroom to wash her hands and I took the popsicle stick away. Then she was mad that she couldn't play with the water anymore. Then she was mad that I proceeded to change her poopie diaper. And then she was REALLY mad that I plopped her on the floor in front of all her toys while I wiped down her high chair, the table and the floor. She started to scream, and was only exhaling. Tray was typing an email, and I let him know, "Fern is really upset right now."
I kept wiping as we were heading up for bed soon, and I didn't want the slime permanently attaching itself to the layer of dirt already on the floor. I looked over at her again because I still hadn't heard her let out her scream. Then I realized she still hadn't taken a breath in. I quickly scooped her up and realized she wasn't breathing. She turned blue and still hadn't gasped in. Her body went limp in my arms, her arms and legs were like dead weights and she just felt so heavy.
I was screaming at her. I was pounding her back, I didn't know if she had somehow choked on something or the popsicle was making her go into distress or WHAT. I told Tray to call 911, and could only picture myself in the back of an ambulance with my dead baby on a stretcher.
Finally the color started returning, but she wasn't crying and didn't seem very phased. I wanted her to nurse so badly, and she nursed fine and seemed fine. We went upstairs so I could make sure she would crawl around and pull herself up and listen to stories at bedtime. Again, in the 30 minutes I monitored her, her breathing and color and temperature seemed fine. I remembered that I had heard of some babies and toddlers who make themselves pass out, and Tray comforted me that she was fine and that she just lost her breath for a bit.
What a scary experience. Especially after hearing this article on NPR yesterday. I am so grateful for her little life and hope I never have to hold her like that again.


Nice morning at the park

Sage and bridge
Sage and bridge,
originally uploaded by marniduffy.
This morning, we went for a quick visit to Penn Treaty Park on the Delaware River for a little walkabout. Sage liked chasing squirrels and looking at the water. I was entertained by the mob of jet skiers. Ha!


A Couple Exciting Things

Tray's mom is home from her month in Brazil. Fern spent some good cuddle time:Grandma Bunny and Fern
I am excited about these things:
1.) 3 of my cycling caps have sold in the last week at the bike shop (yes, that's my hubby on the main page).
2.) At playgroup today, I saw one of the dresses I designed and made being sported by a sweet little girl.
3.) My business cards and garment tags are on the way.
4.) My website is being revamped.
5.) I got (purchased it, because I LOST the contest at Threadbanger.com) a new sewing machine yesterday!



sage watering
sage watering,
originally uploaded by marniduffy.
Here is Sage helping Daddy water our plants on a beautiful October day.


living room jungle gym

living room jungle gym
We got these from Ikea and installed them for Sage to burn off some energy. Also, got her this bikeSTRIDER, which she is thankfully pretty into. She doesn't "get" pedaling yet, but we wanted her to be able to get around. She just uses her own feet to move the bike, and can lift them up when she gets going to learn balance. She is finally willing to wear a helmet too! This girl has got so much energy, I am hoping these things help channel some of it.

Check out Fern in the middle of her "Old Man" laugh. Fern


Mystery Jack-O-Lantern

mystery jack-o-lantern
This guy showed up on our stoop the other night! We have no idea who put it there, isn't that great?
Sage up on the Zoo Balloon
I know everyone and their half brother have this photo, but here's our version!

This was a fun weekend. Sunday I went to Bella Vista Beer Distributors' Open House at their new location. Jesse told me about it, and it was pretty much a blast. The only problem was that Tray was at work, I had both kids, and I had to drive home,...in time for naps! Too bad I couldn't stay all day. Church was so much fun, and I am volunteering in the nursery with the children's team every couple weeks. I am also trying to get together a little newsletter to debrief the parents in our church about the goings ons of our children's ministry. I am excited, and I feel super excited for where things are going. The physical space has opened up some creativity and initiative, and it's all good.
Yesterday while the girls napped, I ordered up some moo minicards. I am super excited about it! I also ordered up some garment tags with my logo and website on them! This is pretty exciting for me! We'll see where things go.


Take it Out

originally uploaded by marniduffy.
This morning, I had about an hour to myself to work on my crafty projects. I didn't really make any forward progress. I ended up spending the majority of my time correcting mistakes I made.
I am learning that life takes work. I am grateful that I am able to take my mistakes out and redo. Reknit. Restitch. I am grateful that God does that with me too.

I feel like I was on a blog roll, and then on my birthday, insanity ensued before 7:30 AM, and my husband texted me, "I don't want this in your blog." It got me thinking about things.
I ran 8 1/2 miles this week, without stopping to walk. That is a first for me, until then I had only gone 5 miles. The last three miles, it was raining. It actually helped distract me and made me feel superhuman, and helped me draw on the times when I have done awesome wilderness trips. In particular, I remember canoeing and portaging a whole day in pouring rain. It made running seem like cake.
Then, I watched 'The Business of Being Born' and remembered that I gave birth twice, naturally, once at home. And I remembered that running 8 1/2 miles is pretty much laughable compared to that. So I am considering doing a half marathon. Takers?