So right now I am at my parents' house, hence no photos. Blah.
Our roof is being redone, or fixed, or whatever they do to roofs (rooves?). On Monday morning, I took a run after my week of no working out. I came home and showered, then ran upstairs to get my clothes from our 3rd floor bedroom. Little did I know that our curtains had been taken down and there was already a man on our roof, right by the dormer window! Hmm, exposure indeed. I quickly ran back downstairs and barked at my husband...something not worth repeating.
Speaking of not working out for a week. It was nice, but hubby says, "You weren't much fun to be around." Runner's high is pretty great.
More fun stuff soon, I hope.
OH MY...How could I forget the growler of ESB from The Ship Inn? Tray's friend from grade school and high school, Wayne, hooked us up with the growler. Tray's other friend Mick married the Ship's owner's daughter, so they enjoyed some good times on the house on Saturday. What great beer, and thanks Jesse for schooling me on the extra special.

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