New Chapter

This cute cell phone/wallet pouch will be for sale tomorrow.
Today, I start my internship at Fabric Horse. I am beyond ecstatic and fully honored to be starting there. I consider it a dream job, and I hope to learn tons about all things fabric. I really really want to sew on an industrial machine. Maybe in a couple months when I've learned the cutting techniques!!! Yay!!!
I have had quite a few sales on Etsy lately, which is a lot for me! Thank you to those who purchased, and I hope the items are awesome for you. I hope to continue, but who knows what working and full-time student on top of wife and mom will bring!!


Multimedia message

I am working on a new pair of jeans. I altered the SewU pattern and added pockets and changed the waistband and legs. We will see how they turn out, but already it's easier and more enjoyable than the first pair.
Check out the new stuff at my Etsy page. Soon to be posted is a super cool wallet/cell phone pouch that I designed and made.


Yay, I finally figured it out

Well, it only took me a year to figure out how to send a stinkin' photo to my blog. That makes me feel old. Now, to read some chemistry.
Mobile blogging??