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Woohoo! I am making my friend Chris a hat, with an extra somethin-somethin that I hope he likes, or will tolerate. It's a wool cycling cap, and so far I am lovin' the fit of it.
My labels came in the mail today!!!:Rebourne Labels
I am working on a couple tennis dresses for size 12months-2T. Soon to be posted to my Etsy.
Tonight I am going to see my friend Lois sing in Adam and Dave's Bloodline at Johnny Brenda's. I am already exhausted, so it should be interesting. But I gotta see her!

Today Sage said, "When I'm a mommy I'll get to go to concerts too!"
I didn't have the heart to tell her that when she's a mommy she probably won't have the money, babysitter, or energy to go to concerts.

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  1. those labels look awesome! i guess the kids will have to wait a bit for the shows, still!