Bike Tube Pouches, Finished

Here are some photos of Randon's bike tube pouches:
Jersey Pocket pouchesJersey Pocket pouches


Bike Tube Pouches

I was commissioned by Tray's co-worker, Randon, to make 3 pouches for his shop cycling jersey. He wants small zipper pouches that will easily fit into his back pockets.
Today I finally started prepping the tubes he gave me. He is the repair manager of the bike shop, so he gave me a bunch of tubes to use:
Tubes Drying
Fern is sick today, so I'm not going to get much work done, but that is okay.



Sundays have been very nice lately. Tray takes Sage with him to work for about 5-6 hours, and Fern and I stay home. It is really nice to have some one-on-one time with my little one, and I also feel very productive. Yesterday we had a nice walk in the Ergo backpack (which she LOVES) and then she got out and ran for a little while:
Fern at the Crane Building on a walk
Then she took a nice nap while I continued school work. I really enjoy having time with just one of my kids at a time, I can really appreciate their little personalities and I feel much more calm and collected!



Well, I fulfilled all of the manifesto yesterday, thank God. Also thanks to Lois for having me over for some amazing tea and good conversation!! I am so grateful for having such a gracious friend who lives right around the corner.
The project that I worked on in the studio yesterday was this diaper for Fern:
Very Baby Diaper Pattern, size large
It turned out okay, and she wore it to bed last night. We ran out of disposable diapers, so she's been in cloth. The ones I made a while ago are too tight on her thighs (!). This pink one was made from the Very Baby Pattern, and was easy to follow and pretty quick to whip up.
The girls and I just got back from a nice walk. It is so sunny out! Vitamin D is welcome these last weeks of winter.
sage and fern


Snow Day Manifesto

Today I Will:
-change out of my pajamas
-go outside
-make something in my studio
Okay, that feels better. I can't repeat yesterday, as nice as it was. Maybe I'll start making some adult sized wool knickers??


Sweater Vest

Well, another snow storm and I've got the day off of school! Here's the most recent update to my Etsy shop:
Sage actually enjoyed modeling it for me, which is a change. She thought it was super cozy and comfy. Click the photo to go to the Etsy listing. 



I LOVE THE SNOW!!! This was absolutely beautiful. Our friends Madeline and Jane came over and let us borrow their sleds, and we went out last night for a walk about. The air was so fresh and just gorgeous.