Unexpected Guests

Right now Tray is on his way home from the airport for the second time this evening! His sister Karla, and her two boys, will be staying the night in our 850 square foot home (they'll be on our dining room floor and our couch!!). Their flight to Sao Paulo, Brazil, was cancelled, not due to the ridiculous weather here, but apparently there. Part of me, upon hearing the news, wanted to be annoyed and put-out...but I am actually excited to have people stay over. Even though our bathtub is disgusting and we don't have any beds or clean sheets or pillows, and we have nothing to eat for breakfast, I am trying to approach this with a positive attitude. Isn't it tough when things don';t go as we thought they would? I feel like God is really teaching me to have less expectation, not only of myself, but of situations, other people, and just life in general. I am trying to open my heart to him, but I am struggling with I guess control...I would never had considered myself a control freak, but I think I am. Ok, I know I am.

In fun news, Lois and I had a super jazzy bike ride last night that made me feel grateful to be alive, grateful for our city, and grateful for friends like her. And tonight I got to swim with her and 2 other lovely ladies, and it put me in such a hyper mood. Exercise has been really helpful for the blues.
Pictures tomorrow (?) of the "monster" I made, and the diapers I am finishing.

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  1. hey, this sounds like me (the earlier control freak part, not the super healthy exercising part). Realistic expectations: what does God require of you? What are you requiring of you? Me thinks sometimes we require more from ourselves than God does in some weird, religious way. Maybe that's just me. Keep those natural hormones flowin!