Nice Wednesday

Besides Tray really hurting his elbow last night while on a night mountain bike ride, Wednesday was a great day. It is "Saturday" in our family, because Tray has off Wednesdays and Thursdays. Tray went grocery shopping, SO NICE. And he even came home with little treats for me because I constantly whine about not having anything to eat in the house! I am certainly eating WAY more fruits and vegetables than I was before, which now means one serving per week. I was at Lois' house last night as she made dinner for her family (and yes, her 1 and 2 year old daughters actually EAT the dinner she makes), and I was in shock as I watched her place over 5 vegetables in their dinner. You are a seriously skilled mama, Lois, and I am not kidding about getting on the Lois Meal Plan.
So finally some pictures of the studio and other stuff:
sistersSage and Mamanew wool cover, backnew wool coverstudio


  1. Meal planning it one of the greatest things in the world! You end up buying less at the grocery store, because you are buying things you actually need, rather than random things you think you might use; and when dinner time rolls around, you just pick something from your list to make, rather than scrambling to figure out what there is to make. Let me know if you ever want to borrow a cook book or two.

  2. hah I definitely used to meal plan. kids changed that a bit. and now that I'm wheat, dairy, and egg free, it's even harder (don't want to submit hubby to that restriction). also, hubby doesn't eat leftovers. what's that leave me with?! thanks for the offer though, and maybe when we actually sit down and eat meals together, i'll take yo up on the offer.

  3. hi there marni--please tell your friend LP that i'm sorry for mistaking her identity... i saw "lindsey" on your blog and thought it was lindsay momma of ruby. oops!

  4. don't get me wrong....madeline didn't touch dinner the last two nights. I even had her mix the tofu broccoli casserole before we baked in hopes that she would be proud of it. No such luck. O wait...we bribed her with a cookie and chocolate milk to eat her meal tonight.


    and...you are an inspiring mom! for real. peace.