the sweet feeling of completion

wow, so the girls BOTH just took a nap, and I actually accomplished something!! WOoHOo. A newborn all-in-one.

Of course one of them is now crying...I will continue to post. Nursing with one arm, don't mind the typos.
Vacation was super nice. It was beautiful in upstate NY, and made us want to move there. Great time with family, help from lots of folks, and the kids actually did great. Fern has been super cranky, and the second type of antibiotic is working on her ear infection but she seems to have another cold combined with a viral sore throat. I greatly anticipate when she will be herself and not in pain.
Training is going well, I got to do a couple open water swims with my mom in ny. I'm excited about the race and am planning on registering for another tri to keep motivated.
inspired me to let S play with her embroidery stuff today, how fun!

I put some cute fabrics in embroidery hoops and hung them in the girls' room.

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