sister, sister

I don't have a sister, so part of me is really excited for my girls to have each other. Last night, they slept in the same room for the first time, Sage in her bed and Fern in the crib. They did great (which means Sage slept through the night and Fern woke at 12:30 and 6). This morning, when Fern woke up, I just brought her up to our room to nurse. What special time, Tray half asleep on one side of me and Fern giggling and nursing and farting on the other side. I love cuddling up to her warm body, even though she has really started pinching (with her whole fist) my soft skin REALLY hard lately. Anyways, when Sage got up at 6:45ish, she immediately got out of her bed, brought her stool to the crib, and looked in to see Fernie in her crib. Over the monitor, we could hear her cry, "I don't see Fernie, I don't see Fernie." She was SO distraught about it, and my heart just broke hearing her little voice over the monitor.
Some days I feel like Sage wishes she could just squish Fernie til she goes away, so it was so refreshing to hear such love for her little sissy this morning. It gives me hope for the future!fern and sage


  1. I like how you talked about your soft milky boobs in this post. sexy.

  2. ha!! that's a funny post, lovermom. i love this pic of your girl, marni, they are so beautiful. sisters really are special. i haven't dared put the kids together yet, but we're thinking about it for the future. what a special thing. o my goodness, this pic of your girls makes me smile!