itchy eyelid

My eyelid is so itchy today...what is that about? Something with not eating wheat?
Moment of weakness today: cup of coffee with non-dairy creamer, and yesterday: chocolate chip cookie. Other than that, though, I have been pretty diligent with no wheat, dairy, coffee, or eggs. Fern slept 10 hours last night, which is VERY unusual for her, she has lately been waking at 12:30 and then again another couple hours later. I am not counting on anything for tonight, but I am grateful for some sleep! She seems a little more settled today, but she, in general, is not a "chill" baby, unless being held and moved around.
hold on, poopie diaper...
anyways, got a diaper cover finished today that I started a while back from a cool sweater I found at the thrift shop. It turner out looking really great and I am excited to feel like I am finally getting the hang of my machines. Now I am working on finishing the 4 size small diapers I started as well: 2 All-In-Ones and 2 Pocket diaps. I got some really nice velcro from . I really want to try to sell the diapers I am making to friends, just because it is such an energy and money efficient way to diaper your babe. My studio is coming together a bit more, and I should go up and take some pictures now. so big

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  1. what? no coffee?? wow. my eyelid would be doing more than itch, i think. your baby is so, so beautiful. her coloring reminds me of Della a little bit. i've been reading this lately: be strong, take heart, and wait for the Lord. psm 27 much love to you babes.