part of me

Part of me thinks blogging is so dumb, and part of me thinks that if I just start writing I'll realize I have a lot to say. Not necessarily "important" to anyone, but at least to me.
So I just read a book called Childhood Ear Infections. It was very interesting, and I have a lot to re-read. I have decided to go wheat-free, dairy-free, egg-free, and coffee-free for a few weeks (or until I go clinically insane, or until we're broke...ha!). I have decided that Fern is probably on a path towards ear tubes and lots of doses of antibiotics if we stay on the traditional medical (American Academy of Pediatrics) path, and I don't want to take that path without completely exhausting other options. Deep down, I know that giving babies and toddlers, or anyone, lots of aspirin or acetaminophen, and using antibiotics, and performing invasive ear surgeries is not great. I want to avoid them. I am also going to hopefully check out some chiropractic help, and seek out a homeopath. And hopefully win the lottery.
I am giving Fern homeopathic ear drops as well as a lycopodium tablets and acidophilus, and I am taking oils and zinc. If these measures don't help improve her illnesses, at least I will have tried my options.
I am still working on sewing some diapers. Stay tuned.
Workouts have been tough lately, I really wish I could swim more. For me, swimming is the one sport of the three that chills me out and stretches my muscles, and gives my legs a much needed break. Hopefully I'll get a swim in tomorrow. I have been exploring the Belmont Plateau lately and loving it. Like Lois though, I do hope for a day when I can live in the country, and I hope each day in this city will help me appreciate the country that much more. How I long for a bike ride in the country with hubby.
Today I spent 4+ hours at the Willow Grove Mall with my kids and some of Tray's family in town from Brazil. It was interesting, to say the least. My main lesson learned: the bathrooms in Bloomingdale's are AWESOME.
In funny news, yesterday Sage and I were playing outside at my parents' house while Tray worked and Fern "napped" (I use that term very loosely). As I was filling the baby pool, I felt a small pebble in my sandal, and ignored it, until it STUNG me. Wow, how you forget the pain a little bee can cause until one stings you again. Not 30 minutes later, as I am trying to read my ear infection book, and I am totally engrossed in everything wrong that I am eating and believing, Sage announces, "Mommy, there's a poopie in my pool!"
Sure enough, she's pointing at a big old log chasing her around the baby pool. No, of course I hadn't put a swim diaper on her. No, of course I wasn't watching her for poop signals so we could avoid a tootsie roll incident. I tried to get the poop out with two sticks, but it disintegrated as I tried to pull it out. I tried to keep my act together, and I am glad it's funny to me today.


  1. Marni- I love the poop story! It reminds me of the Lindsay story of her in the bath with her sister. "Here comes the log!"
    As far as the ear stuff, I think it is awesome that you are going to try to change your diet. It seems a bit overwhelming. Lets get together and look up tasty recipes.
    You are doing great and are such a good mom. Keep on truckin.

  2. Yes, you need to hear that, marni, you really are a great mom. Seriously interesting things re: diet changes. I actually never went the diet change route for Della; it appears she had a bad case of reflux so I treated her for that. Anyways, it does feel daunting, that diet you are starting. But I believe totally worth it. My suspicion? In about ten years, most of us will all be on a gluten free diet. It's related to so much out there. in regards to your dreams of living in the country, we're right there with you, only our dream is to live on water. C'est la vie.

  3. haha, i love the poop story too! poop stories are always funny. i'll watch the girls sometime if you want to swim over at 6th and master. you can give lois a run for her money! :)