Thanksgiving was great! Good time spent with lots of family, good food, and good conversation. I am grateful for my family!

Last week was kind of crazy. Fern has another ear infection, so that always throws us all through a loop. We are monitoring her for 3 months to see if we need to see a specialist. However, she is so cute, and I just love my two little ones. With school starting soon, I find myself savoring my time with them a bit more. I am worried about a lot of the details, but I am trying to not worry about it. Usually the things I stress about never even become an issue.

I have learned a couple of things to help my website improve. Thank you to my brother Kevin! You are great!

I have to go finish this shirt I am working on while I can!
Oh, another update: I am changing my Etsy shop to this location. More info to follow!

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  1. the website is looking good! Fernie doesn't look sick in that pic!