New Shirt

New Shirt
Here is Sage in a shirt I designed and made from recycled sweatshirts and tshirts and lace.
It was really hard to photograph her, even with the treat of candy as a reward. The light is tough in rowhouses! I wish I had Carina living in our house to help me! That would be amazing.

I drafted a simple pattern, then made the kimono design, then stitched it up. For the sleeves, I used an old pattern piece from a McCall's pattern, but I altered it.
I am happy with how it turned out, but there are certainly some adjustments I will make for future sales. The sweatshirt material is too thick to be used in this design: it didn't hang the way I envisioned it, it was tough to sew, and the shirt just looks too bulky. I was kind of going for that "short sleeved sweatshirt" look, but it ended up weird.
The cuffs around the neck were taken off of other tshirts, and in the future I will certainly add one big long strip of ribbing after the shoulder seams are made so that it's smoother and easier (like how most tshirts are made).
The shirt is cute, and I am stoked to be designing and making my own clothes. I am trying to get better at being a constructive critique of my mistakes, as opposed to lingering on it not being hugely "successful".
I guess that's life?


  1. i think that's a good outlook. you'll never probably be as successful as you want to be or think that you could be-it changes as you go.

    i think it's a great shirt.

  2. shirt looks great marni! as usual, everything you make is awesome.