Philly Etsy Team

So I recently joined the Philly Etsy Team. I went to my first meeting this past Friday night, and I had a good time. Though I don't consider myself the most dedicated or successful Etsy seller, I still am interested in getting involved. I was inspired by the meeting. Here I am featured in a photo on the blog: phillyetsy.blogspot.com. I'm the one on the far right with my back to the camera.
We are planning some more Craftadelphia events (which I have not ever been a part of), as well as possible charity sale events, and a newsletter, among other things. I hope school doesn't suck the creativity out of me (or rather, the time or space to be creative), but we'll see. Physics is a rather visual topic, so hopefully it'll just be inspiring. One day I'd love to be designing and creating full-time when my girls are in school. That's the dream!
For now, I'm working on learning CSS so I can make my website a little less lame. Plus, it's been good practice to hit the books and learn. Hopefully my website will be updated really soon!

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