New Wool Pants

Wool Longies
Here are Fern's new pants. Since yesterday's realization that we SERIOUSLY need to curb our spending, I have resolved to cloth diaper as close to full-time as possible. For me, cloth diapering consists of a diaper and a diaper cover. I ran out of diaper covers really fast! Usually, you can change the diaper and not the cover, but Fern has managed to poo all over all the covers so fast! The other problem is that her cloth diapered bum doesn't fit into many of her clothes (certainly not onesies, and not many pants). So I made her these pants today out of sweater sleeves and elastic. We'll see how they go. I need a clothes drying rack so that our electric bill doesn't go out the roof.


  1. those are awesome. i gotta talk to you soon about making some vests out of African mudcloth for me and a couple of my friends...

  2. did you lanolize them? if you do you'll only need to wash them every few weeks.