Daddy's Helmet

Daddy's Helmet
This little Fernie is pretty edible. How my love for each of my children is so different. I loved Sage from a point in time I cannot put into words, but Fern was different. Sage's birth was so dramatic, that when I finally held her in my arms and knew she would live (and so would I), I loved her so deeply. My love for Fern seems to grow exponentially with each moment. Sage is so much like me that we often butt heads. Fern is so much like Tray that I find it hard for me to hold a grudge (for example, not getting more than an hours rest at a time at night) because she is just so stinkin' cute. Example above.
They are so little, yet I feel like this has been an eternity of life. I am grateful for that.

Tonight our next-door-neighbors came over to hang out (and to tell me that they 'have my back' in defense of another aggressive neighbor who came to my door today). How great it was to hang out in our home with them. Tray and I are sad it has taken a year to make happen. We want it to happen again soon. What a gift (to have great neighbors, not to have neighborhood strife!!)!

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  1. she is a cutie, no doubt.

    that sucks you had this altercation, but the sweetness of the other neighbors outweighs it i'm sure.