"Get in There"

Here are the girls this morning. It reminded me of 'Hansel and Gretel', kind of.
Get in There!!

We spent a couple of days (okay, 1.5) in the 'burbs with my mom while she was in town. We left with kids on the brink of sickness, and this morning woke to coughs and sneezes with massive snot rockets. Oh Joy!! Saline spray and homeopathic 'cold tabs' it is...

I haven't been sewing at all the last couple days. But I just got an Etsy request for a toddler cycling cap, so perhaps I'll stitch a couple of them up.

Kind of boring around here! I guess the excitement is just tending needy little ones while they're feeling under the weather. That is truly an important job, I am trying to remind myself.


  1. are the kids playing with the toy cleaning chemicals under their sink? hope they feel better quick.

  2. Life's never boring with a bottle of Man Elf!