Ear Infections,...again??

Well, baby boy is 4 months old. He has already had a couple colds and minor coughs that passed on their own. After visiting family last week, he came down with something. The cough was pretty bad, and he was just really clingy, whiny, and snotty. He didn't want to be laid down, which should have been a red flag. If you are unfamiliar with my history, my 3 year old daughter had 12 ear infections in the first year of her life. Then she finally got ear tubes and has been fine since. I took my son to the doctor yesterday, dragging all three kids out across town for a 4 o'clock appointment. I thought they were going to say, "Yes, he's sick, but it's just a cold, there's nothing we can do."
Wrong. Double ear infection and bad bronchialitis (basically bad cough, phlegmy, could turn into pneumonia). Wow, poor baby. No wonder you've been fussy. She didn't swab for strep (what we were exposed to on our trip), but said the amoxicillin would knock that out as well.
So I am glad we went in, but I'm hoping we don't repeat big sister's experience with small ear canals and needing surgery.
Today I'm trying to spend some time in my studio, but we'll see what happens!

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