Sense of Style

Sometimes I feel uncomfortable when I think about my sense of style. I am kind of all over the place. I like vintage, I like some antiques, I love modern, I love farmhouse, and I love industrial. I love to hate Ikea. I like simplicity and clean lines, but I also love intricate word work and old, tattered things.
One of my moms cool vintage pieces I always lusted over
Here is one of the items that I always loved at my mom's house. I secretly wanted to steal it.
I love my mom's sense of style. She had a lot of old, wooden dressers, a nice old rocking chair, tons of hand embroidered linens, and some great dish sets she scored at thrift stores. I used to make fun of some of the things she bought at thrift stores, but now I love them. Not just because she is gone, but because they actually came into style in the last couple of years! That makes me feel fake, and like I don't have a style identity of my own! She was often able to see trends before they happened.
I guess it takes time to foster one's identity, and money and space to be able to make some mental dreams come true! What about you? Does money or space or do your kids get in the way of your personal style? Do you even think about your style? How does your style match that of your partner's?


  1. I used to be intimidated by my kids scorn over my unusual choice for decor. Now I decorate how I like. I'm artsy/antique-y/crafty. Which means all over the place! My favorite TV show is American Pickers on the History channel. Need I say more? My husband of 40 years complains about everything I bring in, but refuses to move on when I tire of it. He has hoarder tendencies! I loved your photo!

  2. My husband's style is comfortable/traditional while my style is much more eclectic and colorful. Sometimes they mesh, sometimes not so much. Also, almost everything in our house is secondhand, money is definitely an issue. Thirdly, with 4 kids ages 6,4,3 and 1 there will be no nice furniture for years to come. Not only that, but my style is constantly changing, so there are many obstacles in the way of my dream house! My style is all over the place too, but I think that's just like me. I like that I like some of everything!

  3. Eric is the decorator at our house, which I love. He is constantly trash picking and we have a ton of awesome nicknacks. I make some executive decisions on what we keep or toss and what goes where (he's pretty impulsive and picks up some crazy crap.)
    As far as personal style goes, I love it. I will not leave the house without makeup since the babe was born, and I do the best I can with my wardrobe. My personal appearance feels like the one thing I still have as my own these days, so I cling to it! But lack of money certainly gets in the way. Assembling outfits is a creative process for me and one that I miss getting to add pieces to.