Not in the Mood

I am filled with a bad attitude right now. I am sick of being a mom today. I am sick of wiping butts, fixing food, cleaning up after that food (with no dishwasher and 3 kids), sick of doing laundry only to have the kids spew it all over the floor, sick of wiping up spit up, sick of breastfeeding, sick of not having any time to myself, sick of baby weight, sick of missing my mom and needing her, sick of being in this tiny ugly house. I am sick of not being paid for the 24/7 work I do, not receiving any paycheck, cigarette breaks, coffee breaks, lunches with coworkers, uninterrupted bathroom breaks, time alone in the car.

OK, I got that out. I am thankful for today. I am thankful that my immediate family is alive and healthy. I am thankful for the sun coming out after a rainy, cold morning. I am thankful that I can sew with what time I do have. I am grateful that I am able to breastfeed. I am grateful for heat and a home and a husband who has a job. I am grateful for my kids.
Alright I have to go tend to my screaming baby who is up all night and fussy all day again. No sleep=cranky mama. Ugh.


  1. this made me smile. so honest....love it. hang in there!

  2. I'm in a pissy mood today too. I'd love another cup of coffee but I think it would make me more uppity...
    Thank you for reminding me to remember what I'm thankful for :-)

  3. It's so funny the line we straddle between being very grateful and very fed up some days! I know just what you mean about fix food, clean it up, wash clothes, repeat, wipe butts, kind of stuff. It can get very monotonous. Good news is, at least you're still grateful! aimee