Nautical Inspiration

I decided to start training for a half marathon. I hate running, but it's kind of the best bang-for-your-buck as far as time in: results out goes. Plus, I can take the kid(s) with me in the stroller, I get a dose of Vitamin D, it's free, and I feel awesome when I'm done. I am doing a run walk training system, so that means I run a certain amount of minutes and then walk a certain amount of minutes. For my short runs during the week, I can run more and walk less. Today I had to go 6 miles, and I just started training on Thursday! I ran 2 minutes and walked 2 minutes, with a healthy 4 minute walk at the beginning and end. I feel great! It took me forever, but I got inspired along the way on the Delaware River:
Nautical Inspiration 1
Nautical Inspiration 2
Nautical Inspiration 4

Nautical Inspiration 3
I know, I know, the Hipstamatic is so 2010, but I just got it, so I have to use it.


  1. you took all 3 kids running with you? You are amazing, truly.