New Fit Guide for Rebourne Wool Diaper Covers

I love when people ask me questions about one of the items I sell. As the maker of some niche items, like wool diaper covers, it is good to be reminded that sometimes my descriptions, photos, titles, etc. are unclear or not completely explained. Recently I had a potential customer ask me about fit, particularly how to measure baby. I sort of explain that in my item descriptions, but I thought a visual would be helpful for moms to SEE how to measure. I know that with kids, I've increasingly turned into a more and more visual learner. I often am too busy to stop and read directions, articles, etc. Here is the updated image I made last night while on a date with myself (!!) to our local beer store (it has a cafe and a ridiculous selection of international and local beers, and you can buy delicious snacks and one beer and sit and hang out...HEAVEN.). I hope this photo will make it clear. Notice anything that isn't easy to understand or that could be more clear? I always appreciate feedback.

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