Running to the Post Office

Running to the post office to ship your orders!
My running schedule called for a 27 minute run/walk yesterday. I had a Rebourne order to ship to Canada, which requires me to bring it to the post office in person. Usually I can print my shipping labels right from the comfort of my own home, and put them in any post office box on the street. Hubs was home, so I got to take a run by myself! I decided to run my package to the post office. I also figured I would hit up this local bakery that I saw featured on Etsy. I wrote about my yummy cupcake at my other blog
The calories consumed negated the run, but it was fun. Living in the city is really fun sometimes!


  1. I gotta share this with you! I also went to the PO once a week to ship several international orders! But with baby coming, I had to figure out a way to avoid to 30 minutes in line. I now use Shipping Assistant via USPS for international shipping. Read about it in the forums on etsy, more info and directions on how to download it. You just create the customs form on this program (which is free) and print it out on a label. I use labels for my orders, not sure what you use. Then stock up on stamps and put the total on the package. It will calculate the shipping total for you so you know exactly how much to put on it. It saves me sooo much time and hassle. Let me know if you have any questions!
    Or maybe you want the break from the kids and an excuse to run....then by all means, forget everything I just said :)

  2. yes! awesome!! i will check it out for sure! thanks so much.