Christmas face paint
Here is Sage on Christmas morning after getting her face painted!
The trip was quite an adventure. The girls traveled really well, and seemed to both enjoy the boat and the family we were with. The boat we were on was certainly geared for children ages 3 and up, though there were a couple of baby/toddler specific things. The security lines were really tough to manage with two small kids and all our luggage. However, we were able to eat 4 dinners in the dining room, which was so nice for us to feel like we were part of the family action. My grandmother was celebrating her 80th birthday, so all of my aunts and uncles and cousins were there.
Tray got me a "Ladies Pampering" spa treatment, which was incredibly nice. However, I was stressed out while there because it was bedtime. I returned to our stateroom where Fern had screamed the entire time and puked all over the bedspread, which had been changed, and then she puked again (from crying so hard). I don't think I will be weaning her anytime soon, as she is so attached. I had considered going out of town with Sage for a couple of days and letting Tray deal with her (cold turkey wean), but I am reconsidering. Also helping her cause: the fact that she slept more than 2 hours at a time last night! Nursing is such a mix of emotion: loving that special bonding, hating being "tied down", getting bit, being kept up at night, knowing you are giving your baby the best, not having your body to yourself, the list goes on. I am glad I have been able to nurse both my girls, but some days it's a struggle to persist.

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  1. yeah i hear ya on the nursing
    don't know if i hate it or love it