After some tough days and nights, and struggling with a bad attitude, here is a post on what I am thankful for right now. Inspired by another blogging mom who has a lot to complain about but chose to post on this topic!

1. These two:
these two
2. Wipes warmer and homemade wipe solution with cloth wipes. I'll admit, this week has been a lot of disposables, but I've been pretty good with the cloth for a while now! And my, the savings is awesome!!
3. New luggage for our cruise next week.
4. My husband.
5. The Macy's light show and Dicken's Village.
6. Coffee.
7. Advil and Sudafed.
8. Starting school in a couple weeks, even though I'm petrified of the whole idea.


  1. that is a lot do be grateful for! you have a pretty awesome life, although not an easy one.

  2. There is a wipe warmer at the thrift store right now!

  3. we hope your having a wonderful trip!!!

    merry christmas

    love brian and margie and the boys..