Deconstructing All-in-Ones

All-In-One Deconstruction
I am taking apart these diapers. I made them probably over 18 months ago for Sage. The problem is that they leak pee and poo, a mistake of mine, not the pattern. I always felt bad just throwing them away, so I've kept them, even though they're useless. I finally kicked myself to cut them up and use the pieces, if possible.
I love the pattern, it makes really nice cloth diapers that fit many sizes of babies. However, they still need a cover. I am really into my wool longies lately (the long wool pants I've been making). They do not smell, and I love having cozy, natural fibers on Fern's skin. Don't get me wrong, All-In-Ones are great, but they are smellier and take really long to dry.
I got a new snap press, I am really excited to try it out and finish a couple of projects I've started.
Sage has been enjoying playing with the scraps while I deconstruct:
Sage and Velcro
Other than this, I've not been busy crafting at all. Fern has been sleeping horribly overnight, and I've just been exhausted. It's been a tough couple weeks. I need to make an appointment for her to see an ENT specialist.


  1. i love it when kids play with diaper scraps!

  2. Have they always leaked or was that something that happened over time? Are you familiar with stripping your diapers? just curious, some mommies I work with are not aware of stripping away bacteria and detergent build up.