Oh Snap

I almost forgot to post something to my shop today!
Here's a cute photo from last night's Christmas tree decorating party we had with the girls. Sage has my handmade garland from last year all over her (actually, just yarn with scraps of the same material as the skirt I posted about yesterday tied on):
big old kiss
It was so much fun to get our little house into festive mode. I never thought I would love the "season" or decorations or seasonal music, but I really do love it. We have already been enjoying our music with slow-dance parties every night before bed (each girl gets a parent for some cheek-to-cheek time). Tonight we were listening to Pandora, some really great Ella Fitzgerald and similar artists doing Christmas songs.
It is great now that Sage is old enough to help decorate, but it's tough because Fern wants to put everything in her mouth.
We've had fun talking to Sage about what Christmas is. We plan on doing the whole "Santa" thing, but obviously maintaining a healthy scoop of the reason for the season. Which, for us, is anticipating Jesus' birth.

Here's the hat on Etsy,
and here's a photo of my model:
Cycle Cap

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  1. marnie, looks like a wonderful night tree decorating, we put ours up yesterday..

    please send the scones recipe!!

    love margie and brian