double-yolk egg

double-yolk egg
double-yolk egg,
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Yesterday morning, I cracked my egg, attempting to just let the whites go into the pan. Out shot these two yolks!

We went to a Christmas party for Tray's work last night. It was really fun, and the kids were really good. They both spazzed when it was time to leave, but that was expected.
Unfortunately, Fern woke up every hour and a half last night! There have been no strides in the 'cry it out' method...but I think the recurring ear infections and sprouting of new teeth aren't helping anything.


  1. that is such a frustrating moment as a parent. i think you're right with your assessment.

    i think the double-yolk is a sign that it's gonna get better soon!

  2. hey, that's exactly what I thought, "twins." hmm, maybe something is in the air! and o my goodness, I am so sorry to hear about Fern. yea, the cry it out method.... uh.... it's just hard. not going to cry forever i suppose, but that won't help you tonight! i will pray for sweet Fern that she feels better really soon. when Delaney was getting her top two teeth (over the past 2 months!) she was just a mess. yikes. press on. you're a good momma. and an awesome sew-er.